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  1. The obvious advice that comes with most of these types of questions is to poke around on specific communities dedicated to the hobby of choice (r/gunpla is a fairly useful place despite >reddit) and watch videos from people on youtube who do this stuff 'full time'. Just watching more experienced people practice the craft can help get an idea of things to do when starting, though I will say to be careful not to forget that a lot of these people have a lot of experience doing this and it will take a long time until you are anywhere near a similar level. My personal advice to someone who is just starting out though, is to not be afraid of getting messy and breaking things. Experience is the best teacher after all, and if that means that you wind up building the exact same HG RX-78-2 kit 3 times in a row, than so be it. If you have existing plamo experience than this may be obvious, but getting good in this hobby takes time and patience. You WILL fuck up paint jobs. You WILL break parts. (V-fins reeeee) Your builds will NOT look like you thought they would. And to me, that is what makes a hobby like this so much more fun. It will get easier over time, but it will take some time. Start small. Buy cheap HG kits. The HG RX-78-2 is a staple kit, and is a good place to start and practice new things. Anytime I want to practice some weird technique I found? $12 for this kit, and I can experiment and play with them without having to worry about 'ruining' an expensive MG or PG kit. Starting cheap goes for your hardware too. Please god don't be duped into thinking you need a pair of God-Hands because everyone says it's the best. A pair of Tamiya or Gundam-USA nippers come at less than half the price with similar feel. You can find cheap $20ish hobby model toolkits online and they will be more than enough to start, and as time goes on, the tools you find you need better quality ones for you can get them then. It's a large hobby though, and there are entire websites dedicated to starter tips, so to avoid rambling on incoherently with random tidbits, I'll just say that if there is anything more specific you want to know, hit me up and I'll see if I can help. Otherwise, the hobby is what you make of it, and there is no right or wrong way to do any one thing or build.
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  3. The main problem with the show is that it didn't have anything to praise, even though there isn't really anything terribly negative to say about the show either. It was overwhelmingly middling. It had a ton of potential but just kinda meandered around for 20 some-odd episodes without ever actually trying to do anything. Let alone take any risks that would have either bombed the show, or given it's more unique elements a chance to actually shine. I could at least have been more excited for the show by the end of it's run time even if it bombed, but at least did so with something intriguing. It was a pleasant, easy to digest watch. That was it. Nothing exciting, nothing daring, just some well animated mush to sip on while waiting for the anime industry to grow some balls and take some risks again. I'm still voting for it tho.
  4. If FranXX doesn't win AOTS, I am going to sue Kametsu for grievous emotional damage.
  5. Anybody that doesn't vote for FranXX is wrong.
  6. Because it is literally pointless. Even if you were doing no harm to the drive, it is a complete waste of time. Utils for doing full surface scans have existed for decades, and they are not super fast either, but they certainly don't take the many hours that zeroing a drive will take. If we are talking about how to test a drive out of box (which we are) then your best methods will always be a short <5min conveyance test, and one of the SMART self tests. From there, there is not much you can do besides monitor SMART stats for the first few months of the drive, then check them periodically in the following years. If we were talking about longevity of drives, especially storage drives, there are quite a few more factors that go into it than just potential manufacturing faults. Your environment for your drives will be a much larger factor in their longevity. This is why I do cold backups of all my data, because all HDD's will eventually fail, regardless of how many times you test them and how you treat them.
  7. While you are right that true DOA disks are not super common, and drive failure usually happens during the first month to 6 months, zeroing a disk is a silly way to figure out if a drive is ready to fail or not. They make surface scanning utils for that. As Moodkiller said, SMART utils are usually your best bet for learning about drive health. I personally prefer gsmartcontrol for SMART monitoring though. It's available on all OSs as far as I can see, and has the same tests he mentions. Short-self test, long-self test (essentially a full surface scan), and a conveyance test, which you would run to check for any damage that happened during or before transportation. If your drive makes it through all the tests, then lasts for more than 6 months, typically they will last for years to come, though periodically checking SMART stats is a good idea too, because all drives eventually fail, and failing SMART values are the best way to see it coming. Specifically the Reallocated/Pending reallocation sectors counts. As soon as one of those moves, drive failure is commonly imminent.
  8. No sense in name calling/assuming ill will here, it was probably an honest mistake due to being a new user. But it is kinda strange this section doesn't have any restrictions on who can make threads, so I'm kinda surprised this doesn't happen more often <_> @PowerBen10 https://kametsu.com/forum/20-cartoons-animation/ That is probably the section you want to post this in. This specific section is for Kametsu releases, meaning only Kametsu staff should be posting here (or the LostYears sections either). Other sections listed under 'Content Distro' on the main forum you are free to post to, just make sure you have the right sub-section. (ie, no dubbed only posts in the Dual-Audio section, and American made shows such as this get posted in Cartoons and Animation) From what I can tell, there is no way for you to delete this post, so you will have to wait til someone either moves or deletes it for you.
  9. Greets all! New user here at this forum, and I'm glad to be here! Been looking for a good place to discuss and find new anime to watch, and having recently been getting into building a home theater it is a good thing I found this place! Look forward to spending some time here
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