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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone here know of a tool similar to RapidCRC for linux distributions?
  2. Happy birthday bud ^_^

  3. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

  4. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    Even if the Temp was 15 degrees it's too warm
  5. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    82 F. My previous statement was exaggeration
  6. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    I live in desert heat
  7. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    Never, I love the cold
  8. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    Winter, because I hate heat and ants bug me
  9. Happy birthday ^_^

    1. marbleroll


      :) Happy Birthday! https://cmingalls.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/pokemon-ball-cake-3.jpg (I guess images don't show up on status posts? :P


    2. ElementalCards


      i want that cake ^_^


      thanks guys.

    3. marbleroll
  10. Finally I got my speed back for p2p traffic thanks to Vuze and its transport encryption :D

  11. Hello, BTN 

    I hope someday you'll find a way to let me in



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    2. HellBlazeR


      same here DRX ;)

      @Afternoon Nap BTN - https://broadcasthe.net/ (a ratioless private tracker for TV series)

    3. emjay911


      There are only two ways to join BTN

      - to be in a private tracker that actually have official BTN recruitment. join that tracker and start working your way up. (please dont ask me which ones because the recruitment is on/off)

      - Another way is that if you know a person who actually has got an invite which BTN actually gives out on certain occasions or conditions. Good luck in finding anyone willing to give you one (not on any public site/app) .

    4. DRX


      I know, I posted this status not looking for someone to give me an invite, but more to make a joke about how hard it is to get an invite ^_^

  12. 3DS Game Recommendations?

  13. Word Association

  14. video_ts to iso help? (Done)

    Finally managed to rebuild the 2 disc's Took me 3 days of trouble shooting but finally I did it.