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    2. Saf


      @DJHulp Mmm that ratatouille looks pretty good. And I could use some after seeing the movie.

      @DigiPokeMon Since when? Cavanaugh passed away recently. I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any Rugrats stuff lately, not since the 2000's.

    3. DigiPokeMon


      Nancy voiced Chucke in all grown up and the post kimi episodes



    4. Saf


      Okay. I checked, you are right. But that was before Cavanaugh's passing.

  1. Looks great And can't wait to see Hi Hi puffy amiyumi.
  2. That truly looks beautiful
  3. Thank you, but I distro hop a lot I'll gladly test them no problem
  4. Maybe try bluemaxima's flash point it's a flash game preservation project, maybe he can help with a few things? As for testing, I run Linux Mint so if testing is needed I don't mind
  5. Happy birthday to your daughter Koby and may she have many awesome birthdays to come
  6. Thanks bud for getting this unlocked My favorite was To The Eds-T reme and also big fat awesome house party
  7. DRX

    First Video Game

    The Sims
  8. DRX

    Best Game Ever Made?

    1. Pokemon 2. Shadow of the Colossus 3. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 4. Naruto Storm series 5. Rocket League 6. Age of Empires 2 7. Minecraft
  9. Just a note, but that program doesn't bypass the limit anymore.
  10. DRX

    Muh Stuff

    Thanks, that's fine.
  11. DRX

    Muh Stuff

    Hi Megajew, Can you plz rip Jungle Beats from voot website? It was a show that originated from my country and I would love to watch it again.
  12. Unfortunately not, just those Cartoon Network dvd's like power pack etc. Cool Pleasure bud
  13. @megajew posted a topic of Cramp twins in 480p Logoless webrip that will be far better than TVrips
  14. I didn't know I am weasel had a dvd release