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  1. This is going to be awesome, fingers crossed. I have to say there's a screenshot leak of the episode at the end and honestly that's how Bakugan should look.

  2. Happy birthday bud :)

  3. DRX

    Happy birthday bud and may you have an awesome day ^_^

  4. DRX

    What OS is beter?

    I'm a Linux enthusiast So Linux is the best for me.
  5. DRX

    What OS is beter?

    Linux in my opinion is far better than Windows and stability wise Windows gave me more problems than any Linux Distro ever could. And Compatibility wise, unfortunately big software names are more focused on Windows users since Linux is not that widely used.
  6. Unfortunately like PhoenixPress said it's expensive as hell and I'm a geek without my PC's and Linux systems I'll probably die.
  7. It was suggested to me if I were to move close to the sea I would see drastically changes for the better in my asthma.
  8. Unfortunately I haven't seen a doctor about my asthma since it started again in high school. You see when I was younger I used a face mask to keep my asthma at bay and it went away by 10 years of age, sadly when I turned 18 it came back and it's been getting worse since then.
  9. Hope you can over come this cold bud, wish you all the best.
  10. Happy belated 21st birthday man.


    Sorry 😭, but I totally forgot to wish u (I hope that u can forgive me) due to my college schedule.



    1. DRX


      Thanks man, I'd appreciate it no matter when you posted it ^_^

  11. Same to you bud and thanks Hope you can get a new inhaler soon. I myself have to buy them cash, because no insurance.
  12. I know how you feel bud. I have asthma as well and it's scary to think that your life is in the hands of a small inhaler. I get asthma attacks every night and it's just not something you want to deal with. The thought of not waking up or getting an attack that needs medical attention is a fear I know too well.
  13. Happy birthday bud :)

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    2. (Kirito)


      Well, today is my actual birthday but my birth certificate says it's 06-Sep (just 1 day before yours).

    3. Koby


      Happy Birthday!


      Why would your birth certificate have the wrong day?

    4. (Kirito)


      Don't know 😅.


      Well, I live in India so I guess u can understand the rest @Koby.

  14. Happy birthday bud ^_^

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