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  1. It cannot bypass the bandwidth limit anymore.
  2. Sorry to hear about spike @UnknownNinja
  3. Yes, indeed it does. Pretty shitty country. Hopefully someone will hear our call
  4. My country's iTunes doesn't allow purchases of tv series and I can't make an Itunes account in US store because of restrictions. I wish I could rip them but currently I'm at the deep end of things.
  5. That show was beyond awesome!
  6. I agree completely, and also never used MAC.
  7. Which operating system do you think is beter? Windows, Mac or Linux?
  8. No, just interesting to know. Don't want invites or anything. Just curious. I can get my own invites for private trackers. I'm in myspleen already.
  9. Thanks for the link, but I'm searching for the dub in webdl quality.
  10. Yes, indeed it did
  11. Found this on reddit: [TUTORIAL] How to Download Unlimited from Mega without any Pause/Problem/Waiting https://www.reddit.com/r/megalinks/comments/6h9otc/tutorial_how_to_download_unlimited_from_mega/
  12. Like the title says, how many of you are members of animebytes? And what other private torrent trackers are you members of?
  13. I'm not afraid of death, but afraid of losing my family to death.
  14. Not sure, sorry ThePJzer. This show is only available in SD quality on iTunes. Not sure if it's available on other streaming sites.
  15. Are there any fans of this show who own's the webdl's and are willing to share them? Love this show and would love to watch it again. Second time I'm requesting this. Plz!