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  1. [GDrive] Ben 10 Alien Force SO3[720p,HD MP4]

    There's a content distro section under cartoons and Animation, there you post links.
  2. Muh Stuff

  3. Muh Stuff

    Thanks @megajew, any more episodes of Gerald Mcboing boing?
  4. Muh Stuff

    Hi megajew, Does Tubitv have Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs and also Caillou?
  5. Muh Stuff

    Hi Megajew, I'm also looking for Gerald Mcboing boing, any chance you can find it somewhere?
  6. Muh Stuff

    Thank you so much @megajew
  7. Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    I know I started this post, but after having to much problems to count with Windows I decided to switch to Linux.
  8. myspleen invites??

    Yes it is
  9. myspleen invites??

    Sorry bud, but Myspleen's invite system is currently offline.
  10. Switching to Linux, but can't decide on which distro :( I've narrowed it down to Solus or Zorin. 

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    2. DRX


      Already done so much learning for linux, plus I hate windows now because of all the bullshit they give me. So I know without a doubt I'll be switching to Linux and Linux just looks so beautiful. Thanks for all the help @Gogeta-Blue ^_^

    3. Gogeta-Blue


      You are most welcome ^_^.

      I don't like windows much either but, because most of the apps which i use are only for windows, i have to use it.

      Personally i prefer windows 7 over other windows for everything as it uses least ram (about 10%) for maintaining background processes but windows 8.1 & 8 use almost 30% and windows 10 uses 40% and just for reference, i have a 4gb 1600Hz ram in my obsolete laptop in which i even played Sword Art Online Hollow Realization which requires 16(minimum)/32(recommended) gb ram :P.

    4. DRX


      Nice :D

  11. Is it me or did Tooncore delete his kids cartoon thread, because I can't find it even with advanced search. 

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    2. spaceman99


      I had copied some links off that thread to JD2 to get, when I tried a few the links were dead so either he removed them or once again the gremlin that lurks here and steals links is at it again.

    3. marbleroll


      -_- that's not good if they are (then none of the newer links will stay up :/ )

    4. EccentricOne


      I think he deleted them himself because I imported a couple items to my mega and they're still up.

  12. RapidCRC like program for linux

    Thank you so much @Koby This is perfect
  13. RapidCRC like program for linux

    Probably my only option then, thank you for the response