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  1. I asked the people of wsr and someone recognized it as miniman: so mystery solved! edit: After trying to find this series, it seems to be completely dead! You can't buy it anywhere, and the production companies websites are dead and there is zero info anywhere on it. There's a single episode up on youtube but that's it.
  2. according to Jim jinkins imdb, it doesn't look like it. I've browsed some wikipedia list of different networks, but hasn't come across it. Was hoping maybe someone else here had seen this show...
  3. Anyone know of a cartoon that features an orange alien that looks something like this: (This is drawn from memory. I can't recall exact design) From memory, the premise was that an orange alien crashlands on earth and is looking to fix his spaceship. He's about one feet tall and lives in a tree and he helps earth kids in his spare time. I've been googling around quite a bit for this, but no fish.
  4. Neat! This series was pretty good, though I was never a big fan of the second season
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