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  1. GMAG2410

    Possible ISP Banning in the States?

    may kametsu live long and strong
  2. no way to get on the web computer broke

  3. Hello. Why haven't you talked to me lately??

  4. GMAG2410

    Favorite Anime

    Hard to say there are lots of great anime out there but so far i'm liking shuffle still watching it almost done so for now i'll leave it at that
  5. Shuffle! i just finished Tenjo Tenge and I'm looking for any good anime to watch now
  6. GMAG2410

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Ok I just finished watching Tenjou Tenge and I enjoyed it but dose it end actually end just before the prelims? :-(
  7. GMAG2410

    Japanese vs. American Animation

    Japanese atw more mature, better quality, better story lines, just better all around, lots more pride in what they are creating by the developers the Americans lack the pride to make it worth watching in my opinion. this is sad i say this cause i love American cars lol
  8. i don't think it was ever really popular but it seems everyone i knew loved Zach Bell. i can't stand how stupid the plot was for this it was Pokemon with little boys and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D ruined it for me
  9. GMAG2410

    Favorite Pokemon

    Magmar/ jiggly puff
  10. CC from Code Geass i love her attitude and the green hair
  11. GMAG2410

    naruto gone too far?

    Yes and No. in some way it has gone to far with the fillers and dragging out the story lines but also there are a lot of questions left to be answered still so i wont say yay or nay.
  12. sweetness anyone know when we can expect to see these episodes?
  13. GMAG2410

    Hello new to this site

    I'm still figuring this thing out.
  14. GMAG2410

    Hello new to this site

    Hello. im new. A friend had me join but I dont know his Username.