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  1. changed my email because of my Amazon account being hacked recently, as well as my passwords, so uh, yeah, how's your morning?


    also got Surf N' Turf off Amazon US today but idk how to rip so if someone could DM me a method and i'll rip and upload to the SB forum asap.

    1. Arian


      I already purchased Season 11 on Prime Video last year and own the episode already and I will rip it.


      If you can refund the episode, I recommend that you do so.

  2. Goodnight everyone, now to have Frank Tashlin-directed Looney Tune, and Rainbow Parade dreams. Thunderbean, going my way? XD 



  3. TheJasbre202

    Anyone Know How to Rip from Hulu?

    that new animaniacs revival
  4. TheJasbre202

    Anyone Know How to Rip from Hulu?

    Anyone Know How to Rip from Hulu? There's an upcoming show i wanna rip.
  5. planning on getting an external hard drive, once I do I will download those rips and put them on there thanks so much
  6. here's the thing, the DVD/Blu-Ray rips are better quality then the web-dl ones
  7. Also, for those of you wanting the Season 13 rips, I need to get an external blu-ray drive before I get to those, I hope I can get one by the end of december so I can rip this Ren and Stimpy german blu-ray I also have.
  8. So Cartoons's rips of King of the Hill have been down for almost a year now, and I thought, why not do new versions of these from the DVDs? Since his iTunes rips weren't the best quality, and the DVDs have the best quality, and Season 13's blu-ray is better too. I do have Season 1, 3-5 on DVD already, I just need you guys to donate some money to buy the rest of the seasons to rip. Also, in February, KotH was taken off of iTunes so there's no way to rip from there again. HOW TO DONATE: DM me a code for an AMERICAN Amazon Gift Card and the amount, then I can order then rip the season. If you play these MKV files in "VLC Player" it should let you skip to a certain chapter, as well as change the audio track to Spanish or the commentaries (Seasons 1 and 2 only on select episodes) and choose a subtitle file on there. SEASONS UP FOR DONATION: Season 2 ($10) Season 6 ($10) Season 7 ($15) Season 8 ($25) Season 9 ($14) Season 10 ($18) Season 11 ($18) Season 12 ($18) Season 13 ($35 - Blu-Ray) MEGA LINKS: Season 1: LINK COMING SOON, clearing off an external hard drive to store some of these on and get more space to rip ) Season 3: LINK COMING SOON, clearing off an external hard drive to store some of these on and get more space to rip ) Season 4: LINK COMING SOON, clearing off an external hard drive to store some of these on and get more space to rip ) Season 5: LINK COMING SOON, clearing off an external hard drive to store some of these on and get more space to rip )
  9. TheJasbre202

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Summer 2017

    dragon ball super, the universe 6/7 arc begun and so far it's been amazing, as well as the frieza arc's finale
  10. Hey everyone! I will be starting a Patreon for a custom project i've wanted to do since 2014, called "Every Simpsons Reviewed. Ever." And I will have donations up for Seasons 1 and 2 for this fall and winter releases, Season 1 will probably be the fastest season to be finished, but, these videos will probably be much shorter than those spongebob videos, since they're 1 segment an episode, and it's 13 for season 1, 22 for s2, 24 for s3, 22 for s4 and 5, 25 for s6-9, 23 for s10, 22 for s11, 21 for s12, 22 for s13-15, 21 for s16, 22 for s17, 20 for s18, 22 for s19, 21 for s20, 23 for s21, 22 for s22-28. Crazy numbers XD. Stay tuned, and I will link the Patreon and then the videos ASAP.

  11. TheJasbre202

    [INDEX] Uploads by Cartoons

    i'm ripping the new episodes btw Also, what happened to your King of the Hill rips? (some of them weren't the best but, still)
  12. I did do a couple scenes, but I never got far since I didn't have enough animators to help (and the backgrounds as well were another strain hold on the project) I'd start the project up if I got a few fast animators and background repainters.
  13. Alright, first off, I'm not Zac Vega, you should yell at him for not crediting you, since he put together that google drive thing, and if I start the project, i'd totally credit you instead of him since I know the full truth. I am now just going to upscale them using your videos, and when I post them, i'll give you credit for all the UNCUT versions and videos.
  14. Hello everyone. I originally planned on re-animating the whole series in 16:9, but the project fell through when I couldn't get any Background Artists or enough animators who could animate in flash. So i've decided to upscale all 52 episodes of Ren & Stimpy to 1080p. (I need someone to help me with that) Then fix audio in some parts where it needs pitch fix, or complete remaster (i'm looking at you Sammy and Me.), and where there's very bad quality of video, or it's not the best, we could get someone to re-animate those scene(s) and edit the video so it looks like the rest of the episodes. I do have a TON of sources (VHS, Bootleg VHS, Laserdisc, Best of DVDs, Uncut Hulu Rips, TV Rip and those Season DVD sets as well) so if you wanna join in, it'd help a ton. If you want this project to look the best, we need a ton of people to re-animate this in 1080p (30 animators preferred, 5 background artists) 16:9, we will release the episodes in 4:3 as well if you want the original aspect ratio. ORIGINAL PLANS FOR RE-ANIMATION: 1. Add a Nick screen-bug for real nostalgia. 2. Add Nick bumpers between each segment, and before and after each episode (nick bumpers would be re-animated as well, circa 1985) 3. Make this version as completely UNEDITED ever, basically never seen before (audio and video fixed). If each renewal of 6 episodes (ep 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-36, 37-42, 43-48, 49-52) was 5/6 finished, we'd do another 6 episodes (half-hours). Big House Blues [Original 1990 Version] (if it got finished, we'd renew the project for Season 1) Season 1 [Alt. Versions with Animation Fixes] Season 2 [Alt. Versions with Animation Fixes] Season 3 [Alt. Versions with Animation Fixes] Season 4 [Alt. Versions with Animation Fixes] Season 5 [Alt. Versions with Animation Fixes] He Hog Pilot (FINALLY FULLY ANIMATED!) George Liquor Pitch (FINALLY FULLY ANIMATED!) Life Sucks (7 mins of storyboard would be redrawn, and animated fully!) Adult Party Cartoon was never on the list except for Life Sucks, other than that, we never had enough people, if you're able to find someone to help, it'd be a ton of thanks, especially background artists are hard to find. If the re-animation project goes up again, or we are able to upscale, we'd post these on amazon for ya, you'd have to email me for the animation fixes versions though since some people weren't too happy about that. UNPAID PEOPLE ONLY