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  1. changed my email because of my Amazon account being hacked recently, as well as my passwords, so uh, yeah, how's your morning?


    also got Surf N' Turf off Amazon US today but idk how to rip so if someone could DM me a method and i'll rip and upload to the SB forum asap.

    1. Arian


      I already purchased Season 11 on Prime Video last year and own the episode already and I will rip it.


      If you can refund the episode, I recommend that you do so.

  2. Goodnight everyone, now to have Frank Tashlin-directed Looney Tune, and Rainbow Parade dreams. Thunderbean, going my way? XD 



  3. dragon ball super, the universe 6/7 arc begun and so far it's been amazing, as well as the frieza arc's finale
  4. My 15th birthday is tomorrow. Very excited, I hope I get an iTunes card so I can get SB Season 11 HD. Doubt it though. But I hope so, cause I heard the season's pretty good so far.

    1. Kii-lon


      Happy Birthday to ya mate!
      I too have heard that Spongebob newest season was good,

      most likely thanks to the original creator of SB being back on it!

      Yup (I heard some of the S10 episodes were good too hehe!).

      Is Modern Spongebob making a comeback in quality? I guess so!

      If you do have a giftcard or a kind friend on here decides to gift ya one, wish

      you the best on getting the newest season or anything you decide Jasbre202!

      Stay awesome! ^^

    2. TheJasbre202


      someone actually offered to donate in my DM for 11 and 9a, so those'll be out once i get the donation :D

  5. Ey, did you get those r&s german dvd's? you said a while back that you would get them for a restoration

    1. TheJasbre202


      I have the blu-rays, but I tried to do this thing for my blu-ray to play region B but it didn't work, so i'm stuck on what to do for that.

  6. Why hello there...
    First time seeing ya in the SU thread!



    As such, it's kind to meet you new friend!

    I see you've recently joined too so welcome as well!

    Did you read my post along with Dingo's in my SU thread? =)

    Just know that we do have the SU short episodes already

    though if you want them in MP4 format, you can always mux

    the files from mkv to mp4! If you need help with that, just ask!

    Besides that, see ya around dude!

    Awesome of you to help provide the shorts as well

    even though we have that taken care of! =D


    Be prepared for the SU Special, it's gonna be amazing!




    1. TheJasbre202


      I mean, when you download the files from itunes, they're in an itunes folder in the file explorer, and it has the season cover instead of a preview of the episode as the picture, and they're in MP4 format, those are the files i want, cause then when i insert them into itunes, they have the airdate, art, and everything

    2. Kii-lon


      Well then if you want the files to look like that then you just

      don't have to re-mux them into mkv format and keep them

      the default format as they are!


      Just be sure to...when you decrypt them (read my tutorial), remove

      the account info from the files. You can do so using this program:



      It's called MkvtoMP4 and don't let the name fool you, it can also do mp4/m4v files too!




      When you first open it, be sure to open the settings and change somethings around like

      what the file extension should be upon output (aka making the video), enabling to have "edit mode" on when opening a video file [it'll show you what vid parts will be changed so you're aware of what's changing], make sure AC3 pass-through (pass-through meaning not to modify the file and just import it into the new file) is on, disable "repack mpeg4", disable "mp4 optimization" , and whatever other option you want to enable/disable.


      Once you get used to this program, you won't have a problem muxing files to mp4!

      When you've decrypted a m4v file and open it in mkvtomp4, you can check the "tags" button where you can edit any tag you want! Private Information is automatically set to be removed by the way so you don't have to open it every time when loading a video file!

      A note that you should be wary of, if you open a video file and you see "delay" on the audio...be sure to open it and disable "delay" as the audio will be delayed when outputting!



      *When you see it, click on the part and then click on the wrench button on the right, then disable delay audio and that's it!


      Now with that said...if you want to look at the cover art on mp4/mkv files (if there's embedded art in the files) then I recommend downloading Icaros which is a lightweight shell extension that can enable video thumbnails on multiple video formats!


      Here's the link to the program:



      When you install it, before activating it, be sure to type in any extensions that aren't already enable in the tickboxes as seen here:



      After that, click on "Advanced" button on the bottom and tick the "Use embedded album art" box so that when icaros detects album art within the video file, it'll use that instead of generating a thumbnail from the video.


      Hope this helps ya out well and if there are any more questions or need help

      with something, just ask and i'll help! See ya new friend! =D

    3. Kii-lon


      *I didn't know there was a new update to mkvtoMp4! I just updated to it...ah it

      has a 64-bit version for the first time!


      Okay I feel like saying this after update my older version to the new one...

      When you open the zip file, you'll see "x32" and "x64" folders along with 3 other folders.


      If you have a 64-bit OS (which I believe you do) then extract just the 64-bit folder and

      rename to whatever you want (or just MkvtoMp4), then after extracting that, extract the

      3 other folders (not x32 or x64) into the folder you've just extracted before.

      After that, you can open mkvtomp4!
      You can also move this folder anywhere you want

      as it's portable! ^_^


      Now open it, change the settings and...ah I just realized something about the delay option

      that I told you how to disable, it's not a tickbox!

      Sorry, okay to disable it, change the "delay" number to "0" and then i'll be disabled!
      That should end the confusion haha...


      Again if they're any other questions, just ask and i'll provide!


      ...Well there is one more tip I want to provide that I just learned

      after updating my program. In the audio options section, make sure

      to tick "All tracks" instead of "one track [default language]" so that any additional

      audio files that are present in a video are enabled instead of disabled.


      Okay i'm off, see ya! =D

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