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  1. Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    Awesome, just please, read the rules, don't be a fool!
  2. Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    Join AnimeBytes!
  3. Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai DVD/Blu-ray Covers

    Yes I've seen these before. As a matter of fact, I put them in the MEGA folder. Thanks anyways.
  4. Hi, today I bring you all the covers from various Dragon Ball releases that I've gathered from various sites across the internet. Feel free to share yours as well so that I upload them to the collection. Enjoy. https://mega.nz/#F!6V1TAaIT!OXtgsly9WsLDp_6kTrbTEw Now I'm mainly looking for: -Dragon Ball Z Funimation Singles: NTSC covers for most of the Cell Games and Gt. Saiyaman volumes. -R2 Dragon Box Z and the Movies: Disc Scans.
  5. Still expecting a collection from SE.
  6. Then what do you recommend?
  7. Thanks, I'll follow your advice.
  8. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Any updates @Corpsecreate?
  9. Hi, my question is which is the best way to resize 480p video from a DVD (MPEG2) to 1080p (AVC). Which is the best tool to use without losing quality: ffmpeg, Handbrake, AviSynth? My video says it is Progressive though I've noticed some flickering or I don't know how to say it, and I don't know it that's poor deinterlacing or the program I use to play the MKV files. Also the hole purpose of this is for burning the files to a Blu-ray at some point. Is 720p good? Should I better upscale the video to that resolution? Thanks in advance, hope you can help me.
  10. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I do please, need all the Bricks you can upload.
  11. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    It is extremely easy to sync the blu-ray audio, at least the episode I tried (245, SSJ3 Goku). Just use MKVToolnix and cut the first 1.03 seconds from both audios(FLAC and THD).
  12. If you know Spanish Planeta is about to release the Boyhood arc (has already released most Z I think) in Full Color. They have a very good reputation of having great releases, I imported the first three volumes of the Ultimate Edition (the Kazenban Edition) and I have to admit that they do an excellent job. Plus, no censorship.
  13. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    You are amazing, I really admire your work and wish you the best.