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  1. Dbz Dragon box 2017

  2. [REQ] Dragon Ball Z Original Funimation DVD ISOs

    Love you, thanks.
  3. [REQ] Dragon Ball Z Original Funimation DVD ISOs

    I have the torrent but, whoops, dbproject died, no seeders.
  4. [REQ] The Best American Dragon Ball Saga Sets

    Sure, no probs.
  5. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I do please, need all the Bricks you can upload.
  6. I only have the disc covers from Season One only but I've got all the covers from the cases.
  7. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    It is extremely easy to sync the blu-ray audio, at least the episode I tried (245, SSJ3 Goku). Just use MKVToolnix and cut the first 1.03 seconds from both audios(FLAC and THD).
  8. If you know Spanish Planeta is about to release the Boyhood arc (has already released most Z I think) in Full Color. They have a very good reputation of having great releases, I imported the first three volumes of the Ultimate Edition (the Kazenban Edition) and I have to admit that they do an excellent job. Plus, no censorship.
  9. Is that a thing? I know the English Dragon Boxes have subtitles with the Next Episode Previews, but what about OG Dragon Ball and GT? Did Steve Simmons translate those ones as well? Is there a script of his work or something on the internet I get to work with? Thanks from now.
  10. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    You are amazing, I really admire your work and wish you the best.
  11. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Final Fantasy XIII, hate it but like it. I finished the second disc yesterday, and didn't make it to Gran Pulse yet thanks to the Raines boss fight. I think I like it only because it's the first Final Fantasy I ever played, sure when I finish the others I will hate it.
  12. I made this for the supposed compilation Square Enix have prepared for us due to the anniversary of the franchise. Do you like it?