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  1. If anyone is interested, A.I.C.O Incarnation received a new dub.




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    2. Solaufein


      Oh wow, nice. I was interested in this just because it's Bones, but that original dub was just awful. Has the new dub been ripped yet?

    3. Inverti


      Why is Aico getting redubbed? That's simple. Because Netflix cares about quality. I have personally never watched the old Aico dub before, so I will watch the new dub when it's available. 


      Also DJ, if Sentai really wanted to, they could outsource the S2-S4 dub to LA for The Familiar of Zero. If money is an issue, they could always start up a Kickstarter and let the fanbase determine if it really deserves to have a dub. Looking at the original Eng cast, it is likely that most of them could reprise, seeing as those VAs are still active nowadays. 

    4. manc4life


      I have the older dub but haven't seen it cause of how bad everyone said it was. I just went to check out if the new dub is already available and came across the Violet Evergarden special which has also been dubbed. They even have dubs for some of the shows that funi did.  

  2. Question for the community: What brand/type of headphones do you use (especially while watching anime)? 

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    2. madschultz1


      @Nabull anime all in the ear. How do they sound and feel? 

    3. RyanEsau


      I just use my headset at all times on PC. Regardless of content.


      Sennheiser Game ZERO. My first notable headset (cost wise), got it September 2016.


      Still works great, although the earpads started wearing like late last year and I replaced them a few months ago. Replacing earpads beats replacing the whole headset though~ 😋 I'm use to my headsets usually failing after a year in some manner. (Audio or Mic failure for example)

    4. Nabull


      @madschultz1they're great, I recommend buying 


  3. Anybody planning on doing a dual audio release for Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu? 

    1. Inverti


      Just checked ADC; it's not up there yet. You should make a request thread. I'll second it.

    2. madschultz1


      It is an Aniplex of America show so it could be a while. But you never know. 

  4. Random question: How do you pronounce the name of the site? Is it Ka-met-su? Or is it Ka-mets?

    1. monsieurcooler


      I would go with the ka-met-su. But you can probably pronounce it any way you want. It's name after all and isn't gonna make a difference anyway. 



    2. Catar


      Since it actually is a Japanese village name (although Koby didn't know til after he picked it, amusingly), it would most likely be pronounced Ka-me-tsu, since "met" isn't a possible sound in Japanese.


      I've always pronounced it Ka-met-su though in the rare instance I've actually said it out loud.

  5. Random question: Does anybody here use Internet Download Manager (IDM)?

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    2. madschultz1


      @emjay911 can free download manager bypass MEGA's download limit? 

    3. DRX


      @madschultz1 nothing can bypass that limit except if you're maybe using a vpn/proxy. Use jdownloader for mega it automatically resumes the download after the limit time period.

    4. madschultz1


      OK cool I'll check out JDownloader. Thanks for the advice everyone. 

  6. Awesome. Thanks CTR. Gotta find a Symphogear GIF for you.
  7. @Catar Any chances for Haibane Renmei and/or My Love Story!! getting uploaded to Google Drive?
  8. Been thinking about buying a portable hard drive. Any recommendations?

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    2. madschultz1


      To be honest I don't know what I need right now. I have been archiving shows that are out of print but then I remembered that Anipex likes to charge out the wazoo...

    3. madschultz1


      ...and their stuff goes out of print as well...

    4. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      It depends how much stuff you're archiving. I'm in a position where I'm archiving so much stuff that portable hard drives are too expensive and inefficient what I really need is to set up a NAS server I'm just incredibly lazy

  9. I think @mrbaer is talking about Karas - https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=2179 If possible I would like to see The False Faces on the Drive. And an update on Monogatari for you Catar: I am almost done with Bakemonogatari. Almost 2 weeks, great timing on my part (sarcasm). Hopefully someone else is further ahead and tracking things. Anyway I figured that I'd give you a report on what problems I've seen after finishing each season/series/etc.
  10. That sucks, especially with Monogatari and The False Faces. I feel that donations could be possible since you do such good work on your releases. Hopefully things work out. Options I'd like to suggest: MediaFire, OneDrive
  11. madschultz1

    To Fans of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

    Okay cool. Thanks Koby. That's one less thing I have to download...