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  1. Can J.C.Staff actually create a consistent anime story throughout a whole show?

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    2. VON


      I’m currently watching Index/ Railgun & the plot is constantly jumping from one mini story to another, the whole Index & the grimoires in her head lasted like 5-6 episodes and then the rest all are separate events.

    3. Inverti


      Welp, looks like someone's not paying attention. 

    4. VON


      The story does continue in the background obviously with certain events tying back to the whole Index & Imagine Breaker parts but overall it’s lots of individual events.

  2. Anyone have plans to upload a BD of Big Fish & Begonia movie?

  3. Do Saizen actually plan to finish the BD’s of Kurokos Basketball?

  4. What order do I watch A Certain Magical Index/ Scientific Railgun in?

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    2. Inverti


      I don't get why the entire Index series should be watched first before Railgun. If anything, it should be:

      Index S1 -> Railgun S1 + S2 -> Index S2 -> Index Movie


      Why? The Sisters arc from Index S1 is revisted and expanded in Railgun S2. Broadcast order =/= chronological order. Chronologically speaking, Railgun S1 occurs first before anything else. But it's okay to go with Index S1 first because events from both series don't start overlapping until Railgun S2. 

    3. NeutralHatred
    4. Etzimal


      After watching the series multiple times, its how I feel its best to watch. No logic behind it, just I feel its more easily enjoyed if you watch Index all in one go, then Railgun. Maybe its due to the completely different tone/vibe of each series, or maybe I'm just too lazy to open the railgun folder after index s1. Who knows?

  5. I know this season has only just started but I’m calling Hanebado! as AOTS

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    2. Scyrous


      It’s more a stylistic choice more than anything. Work on S2 started way earlier than S1 (which had tons of production issues). And you may want to rewatch the OP because there’s absolutely no sign of a CGI Colossal Titan there (I agree it looks bad in general though; 2D would’ve been much better everywhere).

    3. Nabull


      Meh who watches the OP, the show is what it's all about 

    4. Inverti




  6. What was the most underrated show of this season & why?, personally I think it was Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

  7. Just watched A Quite Place & while I did enjoy it the film wasn’t as great as the hype that was surrounding it made it seem. I went in completely blind (no trailers, plot summary, forums, chats etc...) & I just have one question!, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU HAVE A BABY IN A WORLD WHERE YOU NEED TO BE QUITE TO STAY ALIVE?, honestly that was the thing I hated about the film the most.

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    2. spaceman99


      Quite: to a certain or fairly significant extent or degree. That's the proper spelling.

    3. Koby


      I don't get why they wouldn't just live near a river, or behind a waterfall or something lol. Or find an underground bunker like in 10 Cloverfield Lane, lol.

    4. VON


      @Koby I believe they probably lived up top to cultivate food where as in 10 Cloverfield Lane the man was already expecting the apocalypse so he had hoarded all the things he needed. Also coming in and out of a bunker would probably be loud enough to draw the creatures in from the screeching of the door (probably).

  8. Can someone explain how people watch RWBY but bitch about every CGI anime?

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    2. Renzourin


      RWBY doesnt hide it. It doesnt attempt to look like the polished look of anime it is blatantly and completely CG and everyone knows it. Many CG anime try to blend the two and it looks just bad.

    3. Jiji


      A lot of CG anime looks like crap. Land of the Lustrous is a notable exception.

    4. VON


      @basheer_naimi Kado is a good show, really enjoyed it.

  9. Just watched Hellraiser (1987) for the first time & loved it but I’m getting massive God Hand (Berserk) vibes from the Cenobites. Did they inspire the God Hand?

    1. SaurusX


      I think I heard a joke that Miura keeps putting Berserk on hiatus when he's waiting for the next Hellraiser installment.

  10. Does anyone know if Saizen have given up doing Kuroko’s Basketball?

  11. Anyone know how to rip content from Comixology?

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    2. VON


      @icebox616 Does the unlimited plan actually cover all titles though?, or is another unlimited plan that actually has limits?. Also is the unlimited plan available everywhere?

    3. icebox616


      According to the website, they offer Unlimted only if you're from the U.S. And here they say they actually don't offer all the books. Maybe it's not worth it after all, you would have to check somehow if the titles you are interested in are available in Unlimited first.

    4. VON


      @icebox616 I’m not in the US anyway so not really an option! 😩

  12. In Violet Evergarden where is that gorgeous typewriter & riding axe animated scene from the pv?, it never appeared in the show & there are no hints for it in the extra episode.

    1. Scyrous


      Nowhere. I figure it was just PV-exclusive material to get people hyped for the show.

  13. Anyone have a link to download the original Piano no mori Soundtrack?, preferably mp3 320kbps.

  14. Exciting news!, I will be visiting Japan in October. Do you think these t-shirts will still be on sale?; https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2018-03-03/uniqlo-marks-shonen-jump-50th-anniversary-with-manga-t-shirts/.128471


  15. I find it so stupid how people complained how Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul supposedly had no story but then go and praise the shit out of The Ancient Magus Bride when realistically that didn’t have a proper story either.

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    2. Koby


      Haven't seen Virgin Soul yet, but idk how you can say Magus Bride had no story.... Magus Bride had a great story within an awesome setting (though it's second half kind of bumfizzled out a bit in comparison to the excellent first half).

    3. VON


      @Koby Magus Bride didn’t really have a story, it was just a few small series of mini events that sometimes connected. The show didn’t really have a main goal for the characters to achieve, both shows are highly enjoyable but to be honest It didn’t have a grander story. To be honest I felt the whole Cartaphillus ending slightly weak & rushed to.

    4. Koby


      Guess I'll just agree to disagree cause Magus Bride's overarching storyline was figuring out how to keep Chise alive and Elias learning from Chise what it is to be human. It's basically a SoL-like story in a fantasy setting about the growth of both characters.