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  1. Anyone have a copy of "[nks] Naruto OVA 8 - Naruto x UT v2 (848x480 x264 AC3) [70E81062]"?

    1. Koby


      I only have Taka's release.

  2. Anyone have an ereader?, I’m thinking of getting one (Kobo Aura One) & have some questions.

  3. Just Finished Reading Alita: Battle Angel & Fire Punch recently finished & they have very similar endings!, coincidence?

  4. The hunt for more WRZ$ For Mobilism begins!

  5. Anyone Know of a torrent that has all the Roald Dahl books Illustrated by Quentin Blake (in ePub)?, I know this isn't an anime/manga question but I've been trying to find these books with no success!, all I have found so far are just not illustrated versions.

    1. TheOneWhoSees


      Is mega fine?


    2. VON


      @TheOneWhoSees Thanks, I used to follow MegaLinks but they were posting so much content it overshadowed other posts!, maybe I should re-follow it.

  6. Anyone know any good sites for downloading ebooks (ePub)?, I have tried B-Ok.org, BTDB & IRCHighway (#ebooks) but a lot of the books I can’t find. I was going to try iDope.se but that seems to be down, anyone know any good places?

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    2. shamil11



      Aside from BiB, it's basically the best tracker for ebooks & audiobooks. Not sure what their recruitment/interview process is at the moment, but it's never been too terribly difficult to get into.

    3. VON


      @shamil11 Do you have an account on MAM?

    4. emjay911


      What @shamil11 said. 

      From what've I read, MAM gives out invites on their IRC channel, but I can't confirm this.

  7. Violet Evergarden to get WEEKLY RELEASE!

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    2. Inverti


      Should I take that as a confirmation for an Eng dub, or not? If not, hopefully the dub will soon follow.

    3. Scyrous


      @Inverti Nope. Simulcast just means Netflix will be releasing subbed episodes on a weekly basis, rather than drop all episodes at once when the final episode airs in Japan.


      Whether it’ll be getting a dub is anyone’s guess. But I sure hope so.

    4. Inverti
  8. Anyone have [Live-eviL]_Piano_no_Mori_[BD][1080p][9DFA20AE][mac]?, XDCC links fail & the torrent is barely alive.

    1. emjay911


      its on Animebytes .. but the CRC is different. Another version perhaps


    2. VON


      That's the original release!, it supposedly had issues so there was a re-release with fixs.

  9. Anyone got any English Subs for the live action Gintama Movie?, all the copies I have found so far have been awful. The Tokyo Ghoul live action has sub links on RARBG but none for Gintama.

    1. sfaxt


      did a quick check, at least avistaz and adc have nothing yet. chances are no good subs, if any, avail yet

  10. Once again another TV show has stopped having iTunes WEB-DL releases for AMZN WEB-DL, I need my iTunes WEB-DL!

    1. Arian


      Why? AMZN is better in every way.

    2. VON


      @Arian I already have the previous seasons (S01-S04) in iTunes WEB-DL, Also storing 2-3GB per episode isn't really as easy as storing 1.5-1.7GB per episode.

    3. TheStig


      You could just buy it yourself :)

  11. Anyone know where I can get Ajin S01 1080p Netflix WEB-DL?, S02 is online but I can’t find S01.

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    2. arc_angel


      you looking for subbed or dubbed? I'm searching my sites...

    3. VON


      @arc_angel Subbed. I have already watched S1 but I’m looking for a better quality version to archive until a BD release is done, but unfortunately I can only find S2 in 1080p NF WEB-DL.

    4. arc_angel
  12. Learning Touch Typing

    I’m thinking of learning touch typing to improve my typing speed & accuracy, I have tried it a little but I find it very uncomfortable & difficult reaching certain keys with the correct fingers. Is this just because I’m starting out or does anyone else experience this? I’m 19 & currently use three fingers per hand to type, I subconsciously know where the keys are on my keyboard since I can somewhat type without looking (with errors). How long would it take to learn touch typing & break my current typing technique?
  13. I'm thinking of doing the Reddit Secret Santa, has anyone done it before?

  14. "It was far too large to be called a sword stuck in my ass. It was a far too large, thick, heavy, and much too crude a lie." - Gintama (Alienslayer)


    Couldn't stop laughing in this episode :D

    1. BAC0NB0Y


      i wonder if there is a bellend on this "sword"?

  15. What got you into it?, How often do you code?, How long do your own projects take? (sorry for so many questions). I have also been told by a few people on the r/Programming page that I shouldn't worry about remembering the syntax but the actual concepts involved, I was also told that because I alreay knew some web dev I should learn Electron to build cross platform programs but it seems that alot of projects that are built with it are either shockingly slow (Atom IDE) or incredible fast (Visual Studio Code) but the code wouldn't be written exactly the same as it would for a website (slightly confusing).