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  1. I'm thinking of doing the Reddit Secret Santa, has anyone done it before?

  2. "It was far too large to be called a sword stuck in my ass. It was a far too large, thick, heavy, and much too crude a lie." - Gintama (Alienslayer)


    Couldn't stop laughing in this episode :D

    1. BAC0NB0Y


      i wonder if there is a bellend on this "sword"?

  3. What got you into it?, How often do you code?, How long do your own projects take? (sorry for so many questions). I have also been told by a few people on the r/Programming page that I shouldn't worry about remembering the syntax but the actual concepts involved, I was also told that because I alreay knew some web dev I should learn Electron to build cross platform programs but it seems that alot of projects that are built with it are either shockingly slow (Atom IDE) or incredible fast (Visual Studio Code) but the code wouldn't be written exactly the same as it would for a website (slightly confusing).
  4. Ok, Thank You. Also how will I know that my learning material will still be relevant?, for instance I don't to learn say CSS3 & then find there is CSS4 which replaces alot of things from CSS3. How will I know that the material I have in front of me is up to date? Also how long have you been programming for & are you doing to get a specific job?, if so what job?
  5. I enrolled onto a Level 4 Course at College that's about computers & programming & I have a few units to do with programming (Object Oriented Programming) & Web Development but I want to learn more by myself & become better but like I previous said I feel very intimidated by it which normally stops me.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have an iPad. I have an idea for a computer program & what I want it to accomplish but it instantly makes me thinks things like; how will I make it cross platform?, what language should I build it in?, will my code be good enough?, how much time will it require? etc.. . I really need a job so getting as good as possible at something like programming/ coding could help me (I know it isn't & will take time).
  7. I would like to learn to program/ code to bring the ideas inside my head to fruition (personal projects) & I want to aim to get good enough to become employable (not sure which job area though), I find myself very interested in it but also very scared of it if you can understand.
  8. I’m not sure if I can post this here but since it says “code” under info for this part of the forum I can only think it is, I apologise if it isn’t. I’m really interested in learning programming/ coding but I’m not sure what’s the best method of studying & making the information make sense & stick, I will be teaching myself so that only makes it that bit harder. Whenever I look into the programming/ coding I feel overwhelmed by the amount of content In front of me which makes me feel very intimidated & rather overwhelming, this makes it very hard to get the motivation to study & learn. People have told me to find a project idea & learn a language to build it in, not stress about remembering the syntax & just code every day to get a rhythm. Does anyone with programming/ coding knowledge have any tips, tricks or advice for a beginner? I have this sense of urge to learn but I have a bigger sense of worry that I will struggle & get nowhere which normally discourages me from learning. Some other questions I have are: (1.) Do I need to figure out what career I want to pursue before getting into it? (2.) Is it beneficial to learn multiple programming paradigm languages?
  9. I have always wondered why do so many One Piece episodes have random characters in the subs like this?: https://imgur.com/a/I7QG7

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. EljayFlintok


      Replace the whole line with this and it should look fine again: 


      If I look gloomy like this, Pudding-{\i1}chan{\i0}\N who is the only hope will be troubled.

      The third backward dash was too much and the N was unnecessary. 

    3. VON


      @EljayFlintok Thanks, I see these alot in One Piece episodes, the mustn't check their subs.

    4. EljayFlintok


      Anything in curly brackets {} needs to stay, the /N is a line break. Curly brackets indicate a modification of some sort for the text that follows it. 

  10. Anyone know a free site that can create a premium link for a Nitroflare link?, file is 833mb.

  11. Why does RARBG no longer upload Itunes WEB-DL for certain series (Gotham, Flash, etc..)?

    1. shamil11


      The knee-jerk cynic in me would say that maybe it's getting harder for them to steal other groups' work and pass it off as their own, but I have no evidence that they're still doing that.

    2. NightBlade


      I've not seen them pass anything off a their own, just re-uploading shows with their icons built into the episodes, is that a thing they used to do?
      If the original uploaders are still uploading, I don't know why RARBG would have stopped.
      Who knows.

  12. Anyone know when we will get Star vs the Forces of Evil S0308-11 in 1080p WEB-DL without the massive watermark?

    1. EccentricOne


      A couple of the new eps are already on iTunes so its only a matter of time, YayStar is usually where I find them

    2. VON
    3. EccentricOne


      Yup, they'll get around to it eventually... I'll remind them on twitter 

  13. MSG Iron-Blooded Orphans S02E04 Eng Dub on all stream sites have audio sync issues!, anyone know where I can watch where they don't have the issue?

    1. Inverti


      I just wanna know where I could get IBO S2 without that annoying Toonami watermark. I believe Idle is working on it?

    2. VON


      Hopefully!, S2E04 on all streaming sites have audio sync issues & it's just not watchable.

  14. Thanks for linking that!, will use in future. Is it updated regularly?
  15. FFF did Season 1 but there has been no Season 2 even though the BD is out. I can't find a proper release of Season 2 would anyone be able to do it?