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  1. In Violet Evergarden where is that gorgeous typewriter & riding axe animated scene from the pv?, it never appeared in the show & there are no hints for it in the extra episode.

    1. Scyrous


      Nowhere. I figure it was just PV-exclusive material to get people hyped for the show.

  2. Anyone have a link to download the original Piano no mori Soundtrack?, preferably mp3 320kbps.

  3. Exciting news!, I will be visiting Japan in October. Do you think these t-shirts will still be on sale?; https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2018-03-03/uniqlo-marks-shonen-jump-50th-anniversary-with-manga-t-shirts/.128471


  4. I find it so stupid how people complained how Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul supposedly had no story but then go and praise the shit out of The Ancient Magus Bride when realistically that didn’t have a proper story either.

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    2. Koby


      Haven't seen Virgin Soul yet, but idk how you can say Magus Bride had no story.... Magus Bride had a great story within an awesome setting (though it's second half kind of bumfizzled out a bit in comparison to the excellent first half).

    3. VON


      @Koby Magus Bride didn’t really have a story, it was just a few small series of mini events that sometimes connected. The show didn’t really have a main goal for the characters to achieve, both shows are highly enjoyable but to be honest It didn’t have a grander story. To be honest I felt the whole Cartaphillus ending slightly weak & rushed to.

    4. Koby


      Guess I'll just agree to disagree cause Magus Bride's overarching storyline was figuring out how to keep Chise alive and Elias learning from Chise what it is to be human. It's basically a SoL-like story in a fantasy setting about the growth of both characters.

  5. Got my hands on some special tickets to see Mary & The Witch’s Flower tonight at the cinema with a special appearance from Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Ex Studio Ghibli Animator), I’m excited to see it & see what the limited edition gift is (probably a special poster).

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    2. VON


      @emjay911 Thanks. I wanted to see it dubbed but the showing is subbed (don’t mind seeing it subbed), I will probably rewatch it once the dub version becomes available.

    3. emjay911


      I thought the dub was released earlier this year!?

    4. VON


      @emjay911 it was only a one night showing & they must of decided just to go with the sub over the dub. I just finished the film a few minutes ago & rather enjoyed it, it wasn’t the most amazing film but thoroughly enjoyed it. 

  6. Should I watch Steins;Gate 0 as it comes out or should I wait for it to all come out then binge watch it?, the original was very slow at the beginning but when it got going it was so hard not to keep watching, I think it might be hard waiting for a new episode every week if it’s as good as the original. Thoughts?

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    2. Koby


      I'm gonna wait for the Simuldub.

    3. ACCM




    4. VON


      @Koby That’s what I will we waiting for but I don’t know if it would be better to watch at as it comes out or watch it all once it’s finished.

  7. That anime scene in Star Vs the Forces of Evil S03E35E36 has got me cracking up! xD

    1. Saf


      Haven't seen it, but all I can think of right now is the anime scene from Horton Hears a Who!, which I thought was pretty funny.

  8. Is it just me or does Darling in the FranXX get better with every week?

    1. kitkat


      It's because of Zero Two <3

  9. The New Hero Academia OP song is rather dissapointing!

  10. Why does Overlord have so much CGI?, most of what could have really great animation is CGI, were MADHOUSE just being lazy?

    1. Ryutai


      generally speaking (I heaven't seen Overlord II if that is what you are referring too) really great animation = difficult animation = animation that requires skilled/experienced animators & far more key frames = expensive & time consuming ∴ CGi is mostly used where time and ultimately money are simply not there, once a CGI model is produced the animation process becomes far simpler hence its application in lots of modern anime. While the staff being lazy could be an actual reason, animators, especially those with less experience work way too much and get payed next to nothing so lazy seems a little harsh.

  11. Just saw Ready Player One & while it was visually gorgeous it was nothing like the book!, I haven’t fully finished the book yet but the movie played out so different to the book, honestly I think I might prefer the book over film no matter how visually orgasmic it was.

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    2. VON


      @jhoopes517 Good way of thinking about it!

    3. Scyrous


      As far as I know, it was never meant to be a direct adaptation. It's inspired by the book, that's all. I really enjoyed the movie personally :)


      That first scene with the race was awesome

    4. VON


      @Scyrous “I choose the form of Gundam”

  12. Why is Overlord so lacking in terms of animation even though it’s done by MADHOUSE?, besides the OP the animation is rather basic. Most of what could of been good animation in S1 was CGI (not good CGI) & so far S2 hasn’t done anything great in terms of animation, anyone know why this is?

  13. Really got my fingers crossed that Steins;Gate 0 English dub doesn’t take to long to come out after the sub!

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    2. Inverti


      Just wish for a simuldub, then. That's what I'm hoping as well.

    3. monsieurcooler


      I want a simuldub for DxD over anything.

      Oppai:greedy:. I just can't resist them.

      Hopefully there are no issues like last season had.

    4. manc4life


      With all the casting changes last time over getting the dub out early I wish nothing like that happens this time. As long as Jamie Marchi is still playing Rias im good. I still wish Justin Cook was there not that i hate Josh Grelle or anything. Besides, do they air the uncensored version?

  14. Just finished Sword Gai & to be honest it wasn’t that great but at least it wasn’t as disappointing as A.I.C.O was!

    1. Koby


      Haven't been able to download Sword Gai yet, but it was one I'd been waiting for since it's initial green-light several years ago. AICO I hadn't heard of until it was actually out, lol.... and AICO seems boring af so far with bland characters, bland story, terrible dub, etc. More than halfway into AICO and I can't even tell you anything about the characters, including their names, except for Aiko's name. While B: The Beginning was mostly boring as well and seemed like a bad cross between Terror of Resonance with Darker Than Black. Netflix went overboard in March with a massive influx of anime released all at once, but it doesn't do any good if they just go with mediocre to bad series. Children of the Whales was great, but differently ended just as the real story was about to begin. They'll have Violet Evergarden probably in April.

    2. VON


      @Koby Totally agree regarding A.I.C.O!, it had problems literally everywhere. I actually found B: The Beginning very enjoyable & the soundtrack was very pleasing to, I won’t say Is was amazing or a masterpiece but it’s probably the best Netflix show I have binged watched so far. I also agree in regards to Children of the Whales (it also had a very enjoyable OST), it was very good & I wish it had gone on Longer than 12 episodes since I think it could of done so much more, I was actually surprised I enjoyed it so much since J.C Staff were the ones that made it and their last couple of series were big disappointments (Taboo Tatto, Alice to Zoroku etc...).

  15. Vinland Saga to have an anime!: 


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    2. Inverti



    3. emjay911


      Its an Amazon exclusive .. so no simuldubs :hguit5:



      The anime will air on television and stream exclusively on Amazon Prime both in Japan and overseas.


    4. Inverti


      Let's wait one year for a possible dubbed home video release.