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  1. digimon adventure season 1 iso japan Box Set released by EMOTION in 2013:

  2. One Piece

    Shame they can't use blood or even any indication of luffy's arm ripping again in the anime other than ouch
  3. iTunes vs. Amazon

    Amazon is better most of the time though there are cases where iTunes and others have been better so may be worth comparing each series.
  4. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    It depends on the series. Even some animated content is a lot better than iTunes. Scooby-doo, Samurai Jack, etc.
  5. Method 2: http://notes.fourwestmedia.com/text-file-of-a-directory
  6. JDownloader Bandwidth Limit Reached

    Megadownloader is broken use jdownloader 2.
  7. Highschool Of The Dead continuation??

    No. He is only an illustrator/character designer so he cannot do anything unless Daisuke finished writing the story, which is unlikely considering the hiatus.
  8. Color Correction with Staxrip/AVS/VS

    Has anyone tried color correcting the dragon boxes?
  9. Samurai Jack: The Complete Series Blu-ray

    Looks good though some cropping http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?p=14089519#post14089519
  10. Any Way for A PS3 To Play MKV Videos?

    Can change to m2ts in tsMuxeR too, if level over 4.1 need to change to 4.1 in track options.
  11. There are threads on forums that say real-debrid corrupts files so the crc no longer match. Maybe worth checking before you use it.
  12. I don't know about before but there have been many things I could not find that were easily accessible on XDCC. Maybe you are using the wrong XDCC bots or have not used in the past year and that is clouding your judgement though every time I check the bots are always online. 800KB/s-1.6MB/s is not really ridiculous.
  13. XDCC is a great method for longevity as already stated and proven. It is not as fast as the others but will outlast all but private torrents so there is reason to use it.
  14. No, I get 12MB/s with the above three filehosts, where as MEGA I am limited to 5MB/s unless I increase the amount of connections. For jDownloader 2 it is already stated by others as well that megadownloader does not decrypt properly unless limiting to a single connection. There are no tools that ignore the limit which is why I recommended changing hosts.
  15. Besides torrents (including seedboxes) and XDCC? Google Drive, mediafire and animetosho, which are faster than MEGA anyway. jDownloader 2 is better too considering megadownloader does not decrypt properly.