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  1. finding all the desser on FFX~2 (man that was bored but i have to do it) or trying to kill sin in 3move with out useing YOJIMBO (not easy at all)
  2. look after RE 3 they want down hill come on a boss who running after u 24/7 got me lil piss of after many time's killing him but 4&5 was fun but to easy to do
  3. Asda story2 for pc FF8 for ps COD:MW3 for 360 a hard one for my Psp i would say it's out off 2 Final Fanytasy dissida 12 or Kingdom Hearts :BBS
  4. my is Sectrobes beyond the portals for the DS
  5. i guess the most enjoy game u playing or play i like asda2 for the pc i play lots of game but none never keep me active like asda2
  6. let c if anyone play the same game my is ASDA STORY 2
  7. weekday form 8am~4pm,weekend 2~24 hr playing asda story 2
  8. it would be a close fight but lee would win come on look at gaara him olny win becoz the sand coffing skill
  9. playing gow3,bleach heat of soul 4,lil abit of C&C
  10. sorry but gen was broing like ken or dan bitter
  11. i don't know i just find on my pc

  12. excuse but whats the name of the anime of the pink haired female with the big red sword in ur sig called

  13. 1 ,FFII 2,Valkyrie Profile Lenneth 3,Bleach heat the soul 4 4,Dragon ball z shin budokai 5,Naruto ultimate ninja heroes 6, dungeon siege 7,Smackdown vs raw 09 8,test drive 9,valhall knights 10, kingdom harts birth by sleep
  14. but i wish it could be SF vs tekken Vs MK
  15. i know love SF4 but my brother love tekken6 so a lot of fun
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