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  1. Just announced Nickelodeon is now on VRV. https://www.engadget.com/2018/08/28/stream-nickelodeon-classics-vrv/?yptr=yahoo Hopefully it opens possibilities of new encodes of shows.
  2. Another Wolf Cop. Campy fun and violence reminiscent of old Troma movies. Cameo by Kevin Smith was fun.
  3. Thanks for keeping my spot warm!
  4. The Lost City of Z. I was lied to and was told it was an zombie flick set in an alternate timeline. Movie was good, but not what I was expecting.
  5. My friends got me on the Overwatch hype train. I've been playing it on PC and Ps4
  6. I have an original ps4 and an xbox one S. I also have an curved 4k television my wife bought last year. Depending on what you want to do both have pros and cons. In terms of gaming you should stick with what games you would want to play, and/or which system your friends are playing on. Ps4 pros and cons that I've found I haven't found a good way to stream anything to the ps4. Say you find a series here and want to binge watch on your tv from the comfort of your couch. I couldn't find a feasible way to do that. So a workaround was creating avchd discs with multiavchd to watch from the ps4. Ps4 plays whatever discs I burn like a champ, the xbox one not so much. Xbox one you can take whatever folder your content is in and cast it to your xbox from windows 10 computer. Netflix, Amazon, and other video services look amazing through the xbox one S vs using ps4 or apps on your tv. Something about the source going through hdmi to the one 4k spot on the tv for that sweet sweet HDR activation makes the world of difference. I mainly use my ps4 for games and xbox one S for media. I want to upgrade to the ps4 pro because I'm envious of my friends playing Horizon Zero Dawn and Final Fantasy in 4k. Also I find it easier to import games for the ps4 and have different region accounts so you could get the imports with English subs through ps store.
  7. I remember this show when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing
  8. took advantage of a buy 2 get 1 sale and got Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, and Steep.
  9. The Arrival. Different take on an alien movie. Some slow moments, but it comes together in the end.
  10. Currently watching Timeless, This is Us, and Riverdale from my DVR. Recently catching Alaskan Bush People when it airs on tv.
  11. Anything comparable to Death Note worth watching? I know Code Geass has been mentioned, but wanting more to watch.
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