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  1. And we begin our Summer 2017 anime-palooza with a show about people, who have no idea how to ask questions!
  2. Well, this took long enough. Anti returns to the regular schedule with a review, that will (predictably) piss some of you people off.
  3. All hail the mighty penis trees, that give us oil, that make our autistic rape-puppets live! Amen!
  4. Don't worry Frunze Man, Denno Coil is next!
  5. For some reason, Anti is really hungry right now...
  6. Those damn kids and their giant frogs!
  7. Anti finishes spring 2017 with a big, fat pussy.
  8. This week Anti rambles about Chinese that have nothing better to do with their lives.
  9. Well, someone has to! South Park is not an anime
  10. This week Anti will show his refined tastes in pornography.
  11. Now if only we've gotten an anime about males complaining about the size of their genitalia.