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  1. https://strawpoll.com/pdscckr5 Pick my poison
  2. Anti rambles about Somali and the Forest Spirit
  3. Anti rambles about Interspecies Review and Seton Academy
  4. Anti continues the interseasonals with a ramble about Maria Holic! Happy April, everyone!
  5. Anti continues the interseasonals with a ramble about Maria Holic!
  6. Ouch, Shame, really, it's not a bad shounen by any means.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XR6Nj62IpRk This week, Anti rambles about Fire Force
  8. There's probably an additional pressure of quality. I believe, that, if you're going to show people your work, it better be that damn best thing you're currently able to do. There's a lot of people who draw beautiful art pieces, that you can commission and such. I draw simplistic schematic weapon art, flags and general regalia, any artist worth his salt could do better then me and so, why bother?
  9. I have a DeviantArt, but I never post there....it's not like I can't draw, I just don't really feel...compelled, to share my art with people, a combination of my paranoia and...IDK, low self-esteem? And yes, I know for a fact that there are people posting there who draw infinitely worse then I am, it's just that I rarely seek attention...or at least try so deliberately
  10. This week, Anti rambles about Kanata no Astra
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