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  1. This week, Anti rambles about the fallible woman's heart
  2. Anti begins 2021 happy and relaxed! Also happy April Fool's Day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVRculcAEyM
  3. Anti finishes this year with rambling about the Great Pretender
  4. This week, Anti rambles about witch trials.
  5. This week, Anti rambles about the downfall of RPG genre and its transformation into a bundle of elements.
  6. This week, Anti rambles about the morality of turning children into a flesh batteries.
  7. This week, Anti rambles about Europeans
  8. Anti starts this season with a look into the psyche of a killer.
  9. Anti finishes this season with Re:Zero. In retrospect it did felt a bit rushed.
  10. Anti rambles about hentai not making any sense.
  11. Anti rambles about actually being on-time this season.
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