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  1. I think most people have it got it right,the reason most people don't like anime is because there is a stigma attachted to it and most people don't look past this stigma and try anime for themselves.They don't know what there missing.
  2. I'm not really ashamed of it,but I'm secretly a Beethoven fan,which is kinda unusal for a 15 year old in many people's opinion.
  3. hey, Tommy, what's up

    looking at your convos below, just a thought: when you answer in your own profile, people can't learn you answered unless they stalk your profile all the time.

  4. Odds are that I will probably always watch anime.As Raz said it is being watched by a wider audience today,but I don't think that will mean the quality of anime produced will drop,that depends other factors.The reason anime is being watched by a wider audience today than it was say 10 years ago is because the quality of anime produced has increased in my opinion.I like some older anime such as Cowboy Bebop and the original Ghost In The Shell movie (I like the second one as well but you can't really call that Innocence old as it was released in 2004 where as the original was released in 1995),but most of the anime I like (Code Geass and Death Note being the two prime examples) has been produced in the last 10/11 years.As long as they are producing anime on par with C.G. and D.N. I am always gonna fan as I think anime is so much better than anything live-action.
  5. Elfen Lied,I think it seems really good.I also started watching Ergo Proxy,but I didn't really like it.
  6. I didn't pick one,because my three favourite protagonists are Lelouch,Light and Spike.
  7. Couldn't Lelouch just use geass and force Goku to commit suicide.
  8. Since Evangelion first debuted in 1995 it has been subject to both praise and criticism alike.I just wanted to open this thread to hear other peoples opinion on the series,The End of Evangelion and the rebuild series.
  9. How could none of you want Spike Spiegel's hair,it's awesome.
  10. Anime has lead to my fascination with Japan,which in turn has made me a more liberal person.I also think it has allowed me to adapt a more abstract outlook on life.
  11. I prefer to buy the dvd's or rent them from lovefilm (U.K. version of netflix).If I rent a series and like it I buy it.If the series isn't available for rent I download it from here.
  12. Tommy071095

    Favorite Anime

    Either Code Geass or Death Note.
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