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  1. Even though I can still get all of the series I care about within hours of release (Example: Stranger Things S02) the fact that I cancelled my Netflix membership last week has this weird taste in my mouth. I've had Netflix since they started up. O.o

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    2. Chernabog55


      @cyborgicarus29 I've personal never found a bad anything on RARBG. The worst I've ever found is slightly obscure video release that had some pixelation due to compression during a scene or two. I go to them for almost all of my TV Shows 

    3. CyborgIcarus29


      well, i consider low birate encodes bad and the site is filled with these encodes. many good shows don't get a proper release there. 

    4. Chernabog55


      Maybe I've just been luckily enough to be collecting things that don't fit the bill.

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