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  1. "I've got my eye on this server on eBay with 13 HDD bays... but will it be enough" - Me

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    2. pixxelherz


      For use at home I have been looking at this. Quality NAS HDDs don't come cheap. . . -_-

    3. Chernabog55


      I meant it more as a joke, but I found some refurbished servers on eBay. The one in particular I was referencing was a HP DL180se G6.


      Plus,there is always enough money to fill up HDD bays... just not all at once. ;) 

    4. elegeng


      When i checked it on ebay...almost a dozen servers show up when you type on ebay hp dl 180se g6 ranging from 65$ to 3000$ with almost same configuration(little more or less). They also specify that 12 X HP 2TB 7.2K RPM 3.5 INCH SATA HARD which means you cant get more than 24 tb. Whats the purpose if i can't put an 8tb drive. And they describe it as an LFF server.

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