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  1. hi. I really liked your encodes. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing mini-encodes for the peanuts show below? If not interested, that's fine. Just wanted to ask.


    1. Chernabog55


      I would really like to re-encode this, but do not have the space for the source files at this moment. If I pick up a new drive before someone else does a re-encode I will put this at the top of my list. :)

  2. Anybody watching AGDQ this year? I started watching several years ago and this has become a favorite event two times a year! What is Games Done Quick? Games Done Quick is a bi-annual charity gaming marathon. Volunteers play games at incredible speed ("Speedrunning") for entertainment. The event is streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity. Which Charity? All donations to AGDQ2018 go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation®. Previous charities also include Doctors Without Borders and Organization for Autism Research. Where Do I Watch? twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
  3. justwatch.com is the app/site I was thinking of. It has an easy to use app for iOS. I assume for Android as well.
  4. I personally have a bash scripts for crackle, TubiTV, and ShoutFactoryTV from. before I knew about youtube-dl as well. I honestly still use them even after knowing there is an easier way. I like the control I have over how/what I get things from sites. For example, my ShoutFactoryTV script (downloadFactoryTV) will batch downloading an entire series and naming them accordingly. youtube-dl is nice when you need something and you need it now. Like videos that are only on YouTube for a minute or two after they are posted (live videos are an example). Not that I know of, but I did use a smartphone app for awhile that listed everything new everyday from a bunch of streaming sites. I'll see if I can find it again if you're interested.
  5. I don’t know off hand. The only thing I could think it would need is ffmpeg, but any error messages should tell you. In theory if you’re installing via homebrew (Mac) or apt-get (Linux) it’ll download all needed dependencies.
  6. TubiTV is definitely downloadable. Even with their more recent site upgrade they use the same old video player. Check out youtube-dl if you wish to download things from there
  7. If anyone is trying to download some of my uploads and can't. I know of the issue and it'll be fixed by the weekend. :S

  8. It’s defintely a lot to take on. Although, just like someone else has mentioned it is a lot easier when you have an exact goal for a project and research what is needed to get it done. That is assuming you are comfortable jumping in blindly which it appears is not the case. Which is perfectly alright. You will get there in time. If you have an iPad I would highly recommend “Swift Playgrounds”. It’s a free app for learning Apple’s Swift programming language. The app is written for kids so it will walk you though what things are and why they do what they do. It’s amazing for learning a base level of how programming works. It covers functions, variable, if/then statements, clauses, all kinds of stuff. It even lets you program right inside the app so you can see immediately your results.
  9. Being a self taught programmer myself I have dealt with the same struggles. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of things are you looking to do with your code? I personally have written my own scripts to do everything from organizing files to parsing through a webpage to download all of the videos. For those examples I have used a combination of bash and Python scripting. I have 9 Python books in PDF if you are interested. They range from Python to kids to Black/Grey hat programming. (The were a humble bundle deal)
  10. Who the heck joins a community and immediately starts asking people to mail things to them? Im all for helping out people, but he joined the community and started direct messaging people to trade physical addresses for “mailing a hard drive”. WTF?! I cant be the only person they messaged... im pretty low on the totem pole to be asked for that kind of help and to use as a resource. They must just be messaging everyone.
  11. Even though I can still get all of the series I care about within hours of release (Example: Stranger Things S02) the fact that I cancelled my Netflix membership last week has this weird taste in my mouth. I've had Netflix since they started up. O.o

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    2. Chernabog55


      @cyborgicarus29 I've personal never found a bad anything on RARBG. The worst I've ever found is slightly obscure video release that had some pixelation due to compression during a scene or two. I go to them for almost all of my TV Shows 

    3. CyborgIcarus29


      well, i consider low birate encodes bad and the site is filled with these encodes. many good shows don't get a proper release there. 

    4. Chernabog55


      Maybe I've just been luckily enough to be collecting things that don't fit the bill.

  12. "I've got my eye on this server on eBay with 13 HDD bays... but will it be enough" - Me

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    2. pixxelherz


      For use at home I have been looking at this. Quality NAS HDDs don't come cheap. . . -_-

    3. Chernabog55


      I meant it more as a joke, but I found some refurbished servers on eBay. The one in particular I was referencing was a HP DL180se G6.


      Plus,there is always enough money to fill up HDD bays... just not all at once. ;) 

    4. elegeng


      When i checked it on ebay...almost a dozen servers show up when you type on ebay hp dl 180se g6 ranging from 65$ to 3000$ with almost same configuration(little more or less). They also specify that 12 X HP 2TB 7.2K RPM 3.5 INCH SATA HARD which means you cant get more than 24 tb. Whats the purpose if i can't put an 8tb drive. And they describe it as an LFF server.

  13. Thanks Just keep in mind that cabinets tend to be expensive as hell, heavy as f***, and take way more room than most other things. I've considered getting a few more, but I live up a tight flight of stairs and I don't wanna pay someone to get it up here for me. I once almost jumped on an amazing deal for a dual San Francisco Rush 2049 sit down cabinet, but when I realized it'd have to sit in the garage I instantly thought better of it. I used to be addicted to PSPs... had up to 6 at one point. I should rephrase that and say had to the parts for up to 6 at one point. I think I've only ever had up to 4 completely built at one time. Use to mod, hack, and sell them. Nothing too fancy: Pandora battery, custom themes, USB charging on 1000, things like that. Anyway, back to the point at hand, I LOVE the PSP screens (the vita's too). I'll play anything on those suckers. Especially since I can play PS3/PS4 games on the vita. It's wonderful. I bought a 360 when they first came out. Pre-ordered it. Never really spent time on it other then to play Prey or PGR3. So I modded and sold it. It's really too bad. It was beautiful. Custom mixed color changing paint, UV LEDs, etc. You ever decide to "throw away" that Sega CD I know a good foster home for it ;P
  14. The user above me is not aware that Fantasia is my best acting gig in history. I look absolutely devious on top of Bald Mountain.
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