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  1. hi does anybody know what has happened to dear raven why is he stop coming here is he okay !? :|o.O

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    2. echoecho


      hmmm okay thanks for the update dear hope he is doing ok 

    3. starscream101


      Raven done it before gone almost a month for work and then come back 

    4. echoecho


      yeah I remember that and I also remember that he went to hospital twice so I was just concerned about his health 

  2. dear tooncore when will you be coming back and upload your cartoon stuff I just ask you after seeing you gone long may be im not making sense in my words but kept quiet and quiet so I lost my patience and ask wrote on your wall :| plz reply will you ever be back !? 

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    2. DRX


      @echoecho Myspleen unfortunately isn't a public tracker. 

    3. marbleroll


      Tooncore said he was uploading on CC as well (which I guess is Cartoon Chaos.. but also not public :P

    4. echoecho


      dear @DRX and @marbleroll I know myspleen is a private tracker and I did use the word "or" so that means any public torrent it could be  piratebay rarbg katco etc which on searching on torrentz2 can be found :) anyway lets see what will he do my hopes are high 9_9

  3. hi tooncore happy christmas and a new year to you in advance man out of curiosity dear when will you'll be coming back o.O 

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    2. Badguys


      As TC  has been on a roll doing mostly old stuff as of late, that just means that either he's busy IRL or he might've gotten a C&D order, which I highly doubt as he doesn't upload anything new or take copyrighted material that has public interest (by the way, those two mentioned circumstances increase the chance of a C&D order) from torrents.

    3. echoecho


      whats  IRL and  C&D order means @Badguys ?o.O

    4. Badguys



      I don't think you go off the site enough.

      C&D refers to "Cease & Desist".

      IRL="In Real Life".

      You need to do as little to get definitions as read Urban Dictionary.

  4. now that I can agree on it. After I started this topic you must have fixed some technicalities caz when I enter my login password first page goes to error mode like page is not available after that when I hit the refresh button it logged in but now I logged in at first hit similar issue was with the openning many posts at once i.e. page is not available but now they opened normally but issues regarding hitting the like button and hitting the cursor on comment is there a little i.e it takes time
  5. hi kametsu becomes slow right after the update occured on 4th oct 2017 pages takes long time to open login takes longer time than usual If anyone else also having the same problem please share
  6. hi dear I think no one has ever told you about your rip about the dragon tales and I think it too late now caz that series may not be available on netflix now but you should be told that season 1 episode 1 is a bit glichy at the start is there anything can be done to correct that?

  7. I think owner of the links should change their link paths thats the best solution again some black sheep came who wants to sabotage our forum dammmn that guy who worked so hard for destroying kametsu I hope his own life reuins and gets destroyed he should have pointed people to come here rather than posting links in open A BIG F for him
  8. hey buddy how are u where u gone do reply when you come back forum's gone quite since your not around ;)  

  9. if only someone who downloaded it could provide some screen shots of this series
  10. yup it lags very badly im trying to turn it off it wont turn off please explain in detail how its gona done
  11. And I thought I am the only crzy person around here hahahahahawolaaaah woooopieee thats good news lol
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