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  1. Would someone care to rip the Netflix version of "Mickey and the Beanstalk"? I noticed that this particular version has remastered footage, compared to recent DVD versions which still use an older video print.
  2. Would someone please upload all of the Mister Rogers episodes from Amazon Prime? I would really like to add some of them to my iTunes library.
  3. Would someone please care to buy and capture all of the episodes of "HBO Storybook Musicals" available from iTunes?
  4. Thanks, but what I would like to see are the "Blue's Clues" actual VHS tape programs I mentioned above with the video previews, Nick Jr. bumpers, Face promos, and specialized ending credits.
  5. You mean at a local library? Ah, thanks! When do you think you'll have them ready by?
  6. Hello, would someone please digitize and post the entire VHSrips of the following "Blue's Clues" VHS tapes in 480p on MEGA? -Story Time -Blue's Birthday (includes exclusive deleted scenes not seen anywhere else) -Blue's Discoveries -Blue's Big Treasure Hunt -Blue's Big Pajama Party -Blue's Safari -Magenta Comes Over -Stop, Look, and Listen -All Kinds of Signs -Playtime with Periwinkle -Blue's Big News: The Baby's Here Thanks in advance!
  7. Great collection, thanks!