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  1. Desgranges

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Since Mass Effect: Andromeda is only about two months away (I hope!), I'm currently replaying the Mass Effect Trilogy. Right now I'm in the middle of ME 2. And Dragon Quest on the famicom. Man, what a grind of a game.
  2. One cartoon whose name shall remain unspoken had a peculiar problem: In the US, the episodes were aired in a pre-determined order, while every else on the globe the episodes were aired in production order. That has led to one particular episode being aired everywhere else in the world but the US, and you had to really try to remain unspoilered until regular US airtime. As for Steven Universe, I have a unique relationship to it. At first I really hated the show with a burning passion, I mean really with all **** and vinegar, all because the titular character annoyed me so much. After dropping the show for a while, I gave it another chance, and what can I say... it really improved during season 2 and only got better as time went on. I think the reason is that the show's focus is more on the Gems and their backgrounds instead of silly shenanigans by an idiot-dad-trope-gone-bad character who apparently was only there for shallow comedic relief until S2. Starting with S2 however, SU has become one of my favorite cartoons of recent years. Strange how this turned out... usually I pick up a show's first episodes and decide to either fanboy the hell out of it or drop it forever.