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  1. I don't have hard data to support this, but for me it has to be Halo 3. I played that online, every night for like 2 years straight. Stats wise tho its is TF2 according to Steam.
  2. Netflix just showed off its trailer for the live-action adaptation of horror anime Death Note. Slated for release later this year, the film is directed by Adam Wingard. Here’s the trailer: Death Note is about a teenaged boy who mysteriously acquires a book that kills anyone whose name is written in it. Flush with power, the boy goes on a killing spree of criminals. Ryuk, the demon who dropped the book on Earth out of pure boredom, will be voiced by Willem Dafoe. Only a few years after release, it’s become a classic horror anime. Hopefully, the movie won’t butcher the series.
  3. HELLO ALL! I was looking for some wrestling discussion and it seems like the only thread died in 2012, so I figured it was time for a new one! Whether it be WWE, NXT, ROH or NJPW...lets talk wrasslin! What is everyone into currently? Usually I find Wrestlemania season in WWE rough because of all the part-timers, but I am really liking how the card is shaping up! Also...this thread is gonna be full of Alexa Bliss gifs. My current MOTY is Roode/Nakamura from Takeover...that thing was perfect without being overly spotty. Okada/Omega was damn good as well, but had a bit too many pointless nearfalls at the end. Oh and my number one wrestling rule? **** the Young Bucks!
  4. thisisatrial

    Fire Pro Wrestling World Announcment

    Coming to PS4 and PC this year!
  5. thisisatrial

    The NEW Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    Yeah I marked hardest for The Revival tbh. Overall was a great week of wrestling. Only thing I actively didnt like was Randy/Bray. And I see you didnt list NXT Takeover Orlando which was my favorite show of the weekend.
  6. thisisatrial

    Netflix Teases Live-Action Death Note Trailer

    They could've followed the source material as closely as possible and Dragon Ball Evolution would still be horrible.
  7. thisisatrial

    Netflix Teases Live-Action Death Note Trailer

    I know I'm in minority on this, but I prefer an adaptation to focus on maintaining the spirit and themes of the source material, rather than just tell me the same story I already know. The best example is the Marvel Cinematic Universe; they don't just tell the same stories as the comics, but they capture the characters and spirit of the source material, while telling a new story. Death Note is very popular and already has live action adaptions that follow the source material mostly to the letter. I am much more excited with someone using the concepts, themes and characters and taking a more Western approach.
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    Netflix Teases Live-Action Death Note Trailer

    People are seemingly not into this, but I think this looks promising. Looks very much its own thing and wont be following the manga/anime too closely.
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    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Quite clever! How good is GIlmore Girls tho? Thoughts on the A Year in the Life?
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    The NEW Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    woah! people posting in this thread! Yes! If my girl Bliss loses at WM, I will be perfectly happy with it being Asuka. She is amazing. As for the brand shuffling, I think Nakamura needs to go where Roman isn't. For Nakamura to do what he does best, he needs no booking blackhole in his way. Maybe shuffle AJ Styles & Roman? That way you could get AJ on RAW with Finn and The Club, do Bullet Club right!
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    E-Sports Discussion

    Any big E-Sports fans? Watching some Smash 4 play as we speak!
  12. thisisatrial

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    My next purchase is going to be Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment...that is if I ever quit playing Zelda.
  13. thisisatrial

    The Last of Us 2 Announced With First Trailer

    I've watched this teaser too many times.
  14. thisisatrial

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    Excited for tonight!
  15. thisisatrial

    The Flash (2014 TV Series)

    Having everything being an anti-flash situation sounds not super interesting.
  16. thisisatrial

    Supernatural (TV Series)

    Thanks for the detailed response. I watch so many CW shows, maybe I just need to go with it.
  17. thisisatrial

    Is it ok to teach kids to fight?

    As long as they know not to just go pick fights, teaching any skill is fine.
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    Help for all you Video question

    I just use ffmpeg for everything at this point.
  19. thisisatrial

    Did you remember Kai-Lan

    She seems vaguely familiar.
  20. thisisatrial

    What is your biggest fear?

    I think most can relate to this!
  21. thisisatrial

    4 word story

    minus the turtle power
  22. thisisatrial

    Count to 100,000

  23. thisisatrial

    Supernatural (TV Series)

    Considering starting this...but there is just SO MUCH. Feels daunting.
  24. thisisatrial

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    I was not enthused at all for the second half of this season...but I have REALLY loved it. They are finally fleshing out the Saviors beyond Negan just saying one liners.