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  1. elegeng

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I guess you are synchronizing r2 dvd audio, orange bricks audio and original broadcast audio to your collection. You have done this to all 291 episodes? Also i think every episode of yours is above 2 gb if the encoding time takes about 10 hours.
  2. elegeng

    Count to 100,000

  3. You need to explore this forum more extensively before making a request. There's a good dual audio encode available here. https://kametsu.com/topic/58143-mega-my-hero-academia-bd-1080p-hi10-dual-audio/#comment-539164 The only difference between this and dragon release, i think, would be the subtitle source. But other than that, everything is same.
  4. @Catar Thnx for the update. Jst read your comment in the request section on gurren lagann topic. I hope sally can resume his work again on this. That 400gb+ UK BD. Good luck with that. Will wait for the vampire bund. I got my fingers crossed that you will eventually do princess tutu and red garden at some point. If not, happy to grab the available encode of both of them.
  5. There were few projects on the board that were left uncompleted when you announce to retire- tengen toppa, vampire bund, princess tutu, red garden, madlax. Any update on these? Any hope on the completion of these.
  6. @Koby world trigger, shikabane hime, mardock scramble- are they still in your 'to do list'? Was reading some initial comments and around June 2015, they were.
  7. elegeng

    Mega limited download

    There are some file hosts where you have to become a premium member to get full download speed like uploaded.net and rapidgator, otherwise the download speed will be around 60-70 kbps. Is there a way where you can bypass the speed limit for free users?
  8. elegeng

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    So you are not gonna wait for someone to get all the colors corrected and do a quality release of dbz using jd dragon box, instead you are doing your own unencoded release. I'm excited what we gonna get. BTW porunga release?
  9. elegeng

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Lordashram did mux dbz series using Japanese dragon box video and 5.1 audio from r1 dvd. Why don't you synchronize the faulconer score provided by him to his own dbz remux.
  10. Mr kimiko cannot receive messages??

    1. Mr. Kimiko
    2. Koby


      heh, I was full of PMs too... had to wipe out a bunch..

  11. try to find it. If it doesn't exist, go with aac....... bt just a request if you ever gonna do this, do it from mawen's release as it is the only bluray source i could find and you only picks best sources.
  12. hey can you do Revolutionary Girl Utena from mawen1250 release or may be at some point in the future, you may do it. is it in your list? i heard that @deanzel had already done a remux for this bt didn't have subs/signs for it..... Do you have any plans for it?
  13. can you share that torrent bcoz everytime i try to register on u2, i couldn't get pass through registration question, always a tricky one it is also on TSDM, i'm registered there bt i don't have 200 prestige points to access that content