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  1. Who's operating the account dbproject.info on nyaa?
  2. @nokouthanks for all the effort you putting up to re-upload despite mentioning the fact that your speed sucks. Also, just curious to know, does the English dub available for 2016 episodes?
  3. @nokou do you have the 2012 series episodes other than the 39 original series episodes.
  4. @Koby world trigger, shikabane hime, mardock scramble- are they still in your 'to do list'? Was reading some initial comments and around June 2015, they were.
  5. There are some file hosts where you have to become a premium member to get full download speed like uploaded.net and rapidgator, otherwise the download speed will be around 60-70 kbps. Is there a way where you can bypass the speed limit for free users?
  6. So you are not gonna wait for someone to get all the colors corrected and do a quality release of dbz using jd dragon box, instead you are doing your own unencoded release. I'm excited what we gonna get. BTW porunga release?
  7. Lordashram did mux dbz series using Japanese dragon box video and 5.1 audio from r1 dvd. Why don't you synchronize the faulconer score provided by him to his own dbz remux.
  8. Mr kimiko cannot receive messages??

    1. Mr. Kimiko
    2. Koby


      heh, I was full of PMs too... had to wipe out a bunch..

  9. I know a 480p version exist here but thanks anyway.... I am hoping that maybe a 540p version exist on some private tracker like spider man TAS. Can you help me with X-men evolution highest quality.
  10. Hey......Thnx for the torrent. Jst wanna ask that do you have X-men series in highest quality
  11. Jst grab the philosophy raws release if you want sword art online in flac audio. Search it on nyaa.
  12. others can do these but not as good and as awesome as yours, you will do these at the highest quality possible i have the dvd-rips but i will have another copy of this on my HDD just bcoz it was done by mr. kimiko(i.e. if you ever gonna release them)
  13. try to find it. If it doesn't exist, go with aac....... bt just a request if you ever gonna do this, do it from mawen's release as it is the only bluray source i could find and you only picks best sources.