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  1. Audioboxer

    [INDEX] ShadyCrab's Anime Release Index

    I think this is everything you can double check for me https://mega.nz/#!yZUU3KZR!9bhCcpZUwn9gNweJFY-bl-EP3mur7fUiDPLOmd4cnCk
  2. Audioboxer

    [INDEX] ShadyCrab's Anime Release Index

    Track lengths seem to be the same on these releases. As I edited in on the previous page AOmundson release seems pretty equal from a quick scan of episode one.
  3. Audioboxer

    [INDEX] ShadyCrab's Anime Release Index

    Sure I'll extract them and upload them. I quickly compared the releases by the way and it seems AOmundson holds up. Slightly higher res might even help a bit.
  4. Audioboxer

    [INDEX] ShadyCrab's Anime Release Index

    If you have an animetorrents account checkout Hagane no Renkinjutsushi + Extras (2003) [AOmundson] [Dual Audio] [10-bit] [BDRip] [HD 1080p] FLAC audio for English/Japanese.
  5. Can confirm the ShaqSalazar release looks like the lines on the worse picture above. Maybe even a bit worse than Salender-Raws. As I said above I mainly got it for 10bit and as it has high quality audio. I think the OCZ release is just AC3. Hopefully @Koby gets around to it one day!
  6. Almost sorted everything now, phew. Found some files needing to be upgraded, and I tossed a few old releases. Only thing I'm struggling to get downloaded again is ShaqSalazar's Black Lagoon release. His/her encodes are a bit sucky due to putting encoded text over the intros, but Black Lagoon has hardly any 10bit good audio releases. This release is DTS/TRUEHD. I know Catar isn't doing requests for now, but it would be good if someone could eventually tackle Black Lagoon. There is some decent raws seeded here https://beatrice-raws.org/release/black-lagoon-1080p, but not completed yet. Other completed option https://nyaa.si/view/652125 and https://nyaa.si/view/773251 It's a fun bombastic show, I don't get some of the hate Dub is great!
  7. The torrent "relocate file and force re-check" route is working fine for most of what I have. Nearly all of it is available on torrents. Some things I've muxed/edited myself and other things are on filehosts only (grrr at new-ish Mega 5GB cap). I'm slowly getting there. I'm doing a little clearing out as I go along as well, and even found that I had missed a few v2 files. Or is the case around here, v5/6/7
  8. Yeah, it's my fault! It's a pretty powerful/handy tool, but I've not set it up right.
  9. Attachments section shows blank. It appears you can delete attachments without remuxing https://mkvtoolnix.download/doc/mkvpropedit.html#mkvpropedit.attachment_selectors $ mkvpropedit movie.mkv --delete-attachment mime-type:application/x-truetype-font Seems the shitty application removes all attachments for no reason Ah well, this is a painful lesson. Thankfully as above uTorrent and relocating renamed files is allowing me to repair some of this collection through redownloading 0.1~1% chunks rather than whole releases. I like my bloat, so CTR releases, as well as all the other contributors of 1080p/FLAC on this website, are my collection!
  10. I normally use qBittorent but I've installed uTorrent 2.2.1 to use the relocate file option. It seems I can avoid having to rename all the files, but I do need to relocate each one in a torrent. For example on the files I've relocated just there they are showing as 99.7~99.9% complete. It's still going to be a slooooooow process of fixing all these broken files if the fonts are missing. Some things I will need to redownload fully as they weren't obtained through torrents. I'd still be interested to know if anyone knows if it's possible to remove attachments, such as fonts, completely, without remuxing an MKV. Or if they are simply corrupted, somehow. MetaX literally takes a second per file to retag the MKV file title.
  11. Yeah, I'd need to rename files too for torrents as I also used filebot for naming for Kodi lol. That would be slow and painful but still quicker than redownloading everything. I saw I could use a property editor like that, but read MetaX is easier to use and quicker. It is. It just seems to nuke MKV attachments for some reason. So I guess the question I could ask is it possible to actually remove fonts/attachments from an MKV file without remuxing? If it is, then yeah, seems MetaX has actually removed them and not just somehow corrupted them. I have a few hundred GB of torrents I leave seeding for a while until I shuffle them/remove them to free up hard drive space. So I'm not starting from 0 again. I still have lots to replace though
  12. Hey @Catar offtopic question for you but seeing as you're a bit of a wise legend in the realm of muxing/MKVs you might be able to help me with my oh fuck, I might have to redownload 5TB of releases... I used a program called MetaX to quickly overwrite MKV file titles in my whole collection (some releases have silly titles). Took an hour to do it. I've just noticed it looks like it's nuked all font attachments for EVERYTHING. It adds global tags to MKVs without the need to remux. Can font attachments get corrupted/still somehow be there, or if the attachments section in MKVToolnix is blank are the fonts nuked? Filesizes of the files between untouched download and ran through MetaX appear similar (although I know fonts only tend to be a few mbs). Ah well, if nothing else let this be a lesson for any onlookers in here not to use MetaX for MKV tagging. It appears it strips fonts. I genuinely have my whole collection to redownload if fonts are indeed gone
  13. Audioboxer

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Yeah, my viewing of it was via Monster (2004) [CBM] [Dual Audio] [DVDRip] [SD 480p] for the dub. A dub which is surprisingly well done given the length of the series and the budget it was probably created with. Video quality was as average as you could get for a DVD. Watchable, but I don't doubt a well done re-encode/upscale could do wonders.
  14. Audioboxer

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Just want to say @Scyrous a Monster upscale would be amazing! One of my favourite series. I doubt it will ever get an official Blu-ray upscale.
  15. Audioboxer

    Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Hey @Moodkiller is the Assassination Classroom season 2 BD audio out yet? I noticed this release has 5.1 English audio https://nyaa.si/view/935661