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  1. Hey how are u? its been a long time since we talked..=)

    1. Oblivia


      Heey, indeed. I am good, thx. :) And U?

    2. messi009


      I am fine,thx =) So how is your day going there?

  2. Nice to hear that ^^ and ya your right .. its better to watch those epi fully rather then one every month ^_~.

  3. Good to hear. ^_^ The same for me, recently got my vacation ended, actually it was on 9th but feel like it was yesterday xD, and i had the best time of my life. And now back to reality *hugs her books* v.v I stopped watching Naruto about a month ago, since my school ended i was without net most of the time so it is no use. Besides, i planned on making a break with it in any case, to wait for the episodes to pile up a bit.

  4. No i don't mind =), me and my friends had gone on a trip and we had a great time there!! ^_^ and i'm waiting for the 89th epi of naruto ship for days >.<.....but totally i'm having a good time =).So what abt u? when is your vacation??

  5. Really? Where were you, if you don't mind me asking, and did you have good time? Thanks!^^

  6. thanks dude!1 ^_^ oh and its the other way around with ronaldo and messi ^_~

  7. happy birthday dude!

    ronaldo > messi :P

  8. Hey i'm doing great too,in fact we are on vacation now ^_^ and all the best for your studies n exam =)

  9. Hey Messi! ^.^ I am doing great, busy with studies at the moment, so i will be away for a while. You?

  10. hmmm the last movie i watched is kung fu panda 2 n source code...
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