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  1. sameer

    How to rip from Voot

    Whatever you are using must be downloading the stereo track. That track used to have hindi audio on both channels but some months back they did a fuckery that you are experiencing now i.e. eng on one channel and hin on the other one of the stereo track. I think they did it to irritate people ripping from their site. I can download tam/tel with ffmpeg. Just download the mono versions. There is a way to get the stereo versions like it was possible before but those are highly gruelling and if you dont know how to code to automate the task it will take you a long time to get one video in a single language not to mention your desire to get tam/tel too. here some seconds of that episode using ffmpeg. track 1, 2, 3, 4 are eng, hin, tam & tel respectively https://www58.zippyshare.com/v/GvGLlC3i/file.html
  2. anybody can reach out to DarkDream. his website seems to be down.
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      I'm not having any issues with it. Been working fine for me.

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      Take the .bz off the URL and change forum into forumotion.



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  3. sameer

    Movie Covers on MKV files!!!

  4. download them. play downloaded episode. record that, shouldn't have any buffer problem i think.
  5. sameer

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    Took a bunch of mkv's. Audio tracks 1- eng - Default flag set 2- jpn - no flags Subtitle tracks 1- eng - Forced and Default flags set - Signs 2- eng - no flags - Full 1. mpv, smplayer, vlc, mpc-hc/be, potplayer display a subtitle track, by default, if present. Only plex by default assumes a viewer doesn't want subtitles. So the next observations you mentioned were with regards to how plex behaves. Also one has to enable subtitles in plex server settings for anything[Signs(Forced&Default flags set) or Full] to show, that option is cleared by default. 2. I had to dig around for setting my language preferences in plex and when i found it, wow which of those symbols means japanese. Now should i change my subtitle language preference to japanese which is ridiculous because there is no subtitle track in mkv with language set as jpn. Anyways all flags were already set but Signs subtitle track didn't show. Like i wrote in the last point it is disabled by default, when i enabled it then the subtitle track with Forced&Default flags showed up. 3. So i had anyways set my subtitle language preference to jpn. I don't expect any subtitle track to be displayed. It shows the subtitle track that has Signs name. I switched the audio track to jpn yet Signs track again. 4.--- 5.--- If a user has set their non Plex player's subtitle language preference to jpn then neither Signs track nor Full track will show because both tracks have language set to eng. In Plex, having audio language preference set to eng and subtitles display set to enabled, regardless of subtitle language preference Signs track is displayed. If the user has not set any preferences the Signs track(having Forced flag set) will be not be displayed alongside the English audio track unless one sets plex server settings to enable subtitles. Forced flag has nothing for Full subtitle viewers of dual audio releases. Even though i always hated the way E-D set the subtitle track languages but after playing around with all the players, not just plex, it seems thats the best way to go about setting subtitle track languages. Just sharing some observations.
  6. that confused me even further. if i understood you correctly you wish to have a program which takes address of page containing video as input and then automate this Step 1- sniff m3u8 Step 2- download all videos in m3u8
  7. if doing in cmd window ffmpeg -i "http://Video.m3u8" Input.ts & ffmpeg -i input.ts -scodec copy -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f matroska output.mkv what do you mean. no one is stopping you lol. do you wish to enter more than one command at once.
  8. from the example code it looks like the conversion is for containers and not the streams. so instead of ffmpeg -i "http://Video.m3u8" Input.ts why not just download directly to mkv ffmpeg -i "http://Video.m3u8" Input.mkv.
  9. sameer

    ffmpeg syntax help

    ~ snip ~
  10. sameer

    I wonder what function mux is

    i ended up over-simplifying because i saw google translate. thx for the corrections and elaboration.
  11. sameer

    I wonder what function mux is

    morning rjamsdid generally muxing means to combine and demuxing means to extract. in encoding Mux means combine the different video/audio/subs tracks into a single file and Demux means to take out a copy of the different video/audio/subs tracks from a single file. for more clearer explanation do tell what you are trying to do and where you came across these words in your work.
  12. sameer

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    clever. it will be so funny to create a tag for this.
  13. sameer

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    please excuse my laziness. can anyone link me to these anidb scrappers. love you sfaxt.