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  1. anybody can reach out to DarkDream. his website seems to be down.
    1. DarkDream787


      I'm not having any issues with it. Been working fine for me.

    2. DarkDream787


      Take the .bz off the URL and change forum into forumotion.



    3. sameer
  2. sameer

    Help!! Hard Drive is Dynamic (Invalid)

    kitkat, do you have something like "Import foreign Disk" option on right clicking that invalid disk in left column of disk management.
  3. sameer

    Anime OST

    I just love Death Parade's OP both audio and visuals. Barakamon's OP and ED are amazing imo. Aldnoah.Zero has nice OST. I like listening to the old ones like Rurouni Kenshin, Initial D.
  4. sameer

    Dragon Ball Super

  5. sameer

    What's anime tosho

    @Koby answered how the site works. I will add to it. I have seen MEGA file hosts being available as an option in some cases. Maybe they also upload to MEGA if someone requests or they just felt like mirroring it there. Also I have seen users post DDL in the comments section. So even if file host links might go dead, you can still check the comments section for any mirror created by users. yes no dealing with torrents. 100% safe.
  6. sameer

    Is there a quota

    private trackers have quota system. i believe it works something like this. you download some data then you have to upload x amount of data to maintain ratio set by trackers if you wish to download more.
  7. sameer

    Is there a quota

    yes. i should have written regarding which tracker. but the limited info that he has given makes me think either he is clueless or it's just his first post. and which torrents are you talking about. i might be right to say, neither the .torrent files are hosted here nor the media files themselves.
  8. sameer

    Is there a quota

    regarding what?
  9. sameer

    What's anime tosho

    A file sharing site which provides multiple file host links for torrents. It downloads from torrents then uploads them to multiple file hosters. It's not a data archiver so once the DDL goes dead, it won't be reuploaded.
  10. sameer

    Dragon Ball Super

    I leave my 26 year old brain out at the door and enjoy the show. Loving the journey sprinkled with callbacks. The sustained tension of DBZ or GT level isn't there. But i always loved first DragonBall more than Z or GT. [HorribleSubs] Dragon Ball Super - 83 [720p].mkv 542.9 MB [HorribleSubs] Dragon Ball Super - 83 [1080p].mkv 534.6 MB ROFL
  11. sameer

    Dragon Ball Super

    Imagine how Roshi will survive in here. Buff up and Scare them.
  12. sameer

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Slugterra Return of the Elementals
  13. sameer

    Dragon Ball Super

    Beerus is one lousy GoD, sleeps for decades then destroys planets over small things like food. God knows how many planets with potential he would have destroyed this way. Battle Royale. i want to see John Cena.
  14. sameer

    Dragon Ball Super

    Mortal Level. This is getting interesting. Funny seeing Beerus and Supreme Kai blaming each other for the low mortal level. Also, great to see that they didn't change the art lines back to pre-Universe Survival Arc.