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  1. emmm... sorry for bother you but, is there something about steven universe?

  2. Hey, I wanted ti ask you if you know something about a especial evento called "Fly meto the moon" of Steven uni erse, is that a real name?


    Pd: sorry, I tried to delete the other message but i didnt know how :/

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    2. Aesio92


      Oh, and what about Change your mind or Reunited? Any extra info?

    3. misseps


      Nothing, also not on any international channels.

    4. mrpopo


      Don't know if this is still relevant, but it is a real episode. It's going to be the next one coming out, on May 7th, apparently. Also, it seems like it's going to be some kind of 20-minute special.

  3. Hi misseps, someone told me that the following episodes of stevn universe will be called, Onion family, diamond court and gem war Do you know if this is real?

    1. misseps


      Onion Family is a marathon title. Never seen the other names. There is a 22 minute episode called Reunited coming up. No idea when it airs.

    2. Aesio92
    3. ValjarIV
  4. Sorry for bothering you, but do you have the new episode of SU? :(

    1. TheOneWhoSees


      It hasn't aired yet.

      It airs Feb 10th at 7:00pm.

  5. Sorry for bothering you, but do you have the new episode of SU? :(

    1. Vila


      still not on my provider's app so no. I'll just have to HDTVRip it :/

  6. someone knows what happened with http://kametsu.com/topic/54797-cartoon-network-unofficial-previews/ ???????????? :c
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