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  1. Final Fantasy I - 10 Final Fantasy II - 10 Final Fantasy III - 10 Final Fantasy IV - 14 Final Fantasy IV - The After years - 10 Final Fantasy V - 10 Final Fantasy VI - 10 Final Fantasy VII - 8 Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - 10 Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - 10 Final Fantasy VIII - 12 Final Fantasy IX - 14 Final Fantasy X - 11 Final Fantasy X-2 - 4 Final Fantasy XI - 9 Final Fantasy XII - 9 Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - 10 Final Fantasy XIII - 9 Final Fantasy XIV - 9 Final Fantasy Tactics - 11 Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance - 10
  2. Sadly after the release of FF13 and FF14 and FF12, i think they should drop Final Fantasy all together and move onto other things unless they make some serious changes in the next game to be released FF13 Agito or Versus. At this point i'd rather they didn't make any sequal's or remakes just incase they somehow ruin that series. We shall see how thing's turn out. This is all just my opinion too.
  3. I didn't like FF7 at all, i just could not get into it i tried a few times to play it but i just gave up. Loved FF8 and FF9 so much more.
  4. What's your favourite Antagonist from any series, any genre. Just someone or somthing that pulls of thwarting the protagonist.
  5. Can't remember their names but the 3 guys who try to defeat Kakashi in stupid ways in the episode were Naruto, Sasuka and Sakura try to find out what's under Kakashi's mask.
  6. Im going to have to agree with Hinata, although i wish she would hurry up and make her move or something, and not ask such a broad question as "What kind of people do you like" i guess thats just me though.
  7. Same here, hopefully they change it for the PS3 to make it good.
  8. Just here to basically say thanks! Your site helped me alot for downloaded stuff. Ill get do donating soon when i've got rid of that negative balance amount should be soon hopefully. Anyway Thanks again!

  9. I wouldn't mind a remake of FF9 but not a sequal, FF7, i cant really see how they could make a sequal as i think it would be silly to keep brining Sephiroth back and if the sequal didn't have Sephiroth in it i would think alot of FF7 fan's would cause an uproar and they already have a prequel, and by the way Square is going at the moment they haven't made the best FF games as of late (Based off FF13 and FF14) I Would love not really a sequal but a FF game that used the FFX system but with improved graphics and some gameplay tweaks and a larger Sphere Grid. FFX was quite enjoyable for me. Yeah i know im rambling on sorry=D ill answer the question. FFX God of War FF9 (Remake) New Kingdom Hearts game that was on a console not a hand held, Well BBS wasn't bad but there is obvious restrictions and so on. FF Dissidia DBZ Burst Limit 2 With alot of improvements Yeah got heaps more but it took me 172 words to answer what could of been 50 at max. (197 words Including this last sentence)
  10. I've only played the demo for raging blast 2 so far, and it seemed quite fun it seemed like a game i would enjoy if not for the sole fact its DBZ, yeah i know there's a whole bunch of DBZ games out there but still, i just love playing each one. Hope they got rid of online multiplayer achievements though.
  11. Im personally not going to get, Its just another FPS with some tweaks with killstreaks, graphics and so fourth bringing nothing life changing to the FPS which i admit is hard to do in this day and age. Maybe im just ranting but i prefer so RPG's and all its sub genres's. To keep things short no i wont be getting Black Op's.
  12. Lol, i have no idea why but i find that hilarious.
  13. It seemed pretty good to me, reminded me alot of the movie 28 days later at times but im assuming that will change as the series goes on. Still enjoyed it though.
  14. Also Monster Hunter Freedom unite is also quite fun but can be hard at times.
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