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  1. even though all movie games suck, iron man 2 was the worst one
  2. its obvious dat Animes love flashbacks, a little bit too much of it, naruto, bleach, etc, its cool, but it gets annoying sometimes. fighting scenes, i hate how they explain every little single technique that they do, they give a ten min speech on wat they did, by that time the ep is over with, the chars even have flashbacks during the fighting scenes.lol, compare this to somethin like justice league, when they fight there is NO TALKING.lol, i still like anime,just statin the obvious, wat yall think, do u agree?
  3. on some episodes, they use this epic art style for epic fights for ex, naruto vs sauke at final valley, sasuke vs orichimaru,3rd hokage vs orichimaru, etc, wouldnt it be sweet if they used dat art style for all the episodes?
  4. These types of animes are my favorites, fights between diffrent students and schools, I was wonderin if there are any other anime similiar to these?
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