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  1. Yeah, sorry, should've made that clear. Your phone number isn't publically viewable, but I understand where you're coming from. I respect your decision and apologise for not being clearer. Have a great day/night!
  2. Not sure, sorry. It works for me and everyone I know... EDIT: Created a custom link(updated desc.), if it still doesn't work just write in SULinkSharing into the search bar (in telegram) and it should be the first one!
  3. *facepalm* You're right. I probably could've left out an explanation, oh well the chat is still there if anyone does want to join
  4. Telegram is an application! Sorry, should've been more clear. It has Windows, Mac, ios, Android clients, and Linux... You can find it if you go to the official telegram website https://www.telegram.org/ The link I posted should open up a page redirecting you to the telegram app, it works in chrome, not sure that it would in ie or anything else
  5. Steven Universe Links Have (And probably still will be) Been Taken Down https://telegram.me/joinchat/C_2lEkFYervPBN0FTJIICQ Mega links or not, Recently Steven Universe links are being taken down by someone(s). Now I know there is no possible way to create a 100% fool proof plan to this, but I'm willing to try. I have created a public telegram(A great messaging service!) chat, where people can post their SU Mega/Other file sharing site links.Then if they're taken down off here (or elsewhere) we can post a replacement! I know it's not the best plan but it's the best I can come up with currently Info About Telegram Telegram is a free adless and heavily encrypted messaging service. (according to my personal experience and their official website telegram.org) It is both Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/WP clients and a Web App. It requires a phone number to sign up for, however it is not publicly shown or used for anything other than logging in. It allows for the creation of bots, which can be coded using virtually any coding language. (sorry if that's not what they're called, I'm no expert ) The deletion and editing of already sent messages, private chats that self destruct, channels, group chats, stickers, in-app media player(Keep is simple) and so much more. I Can't Open the Link This is actually quite an easy fix. If you sign in on the web app, then click the link it will open there! You can then easily open up the client and continue to talk normally there. If you'd rather not sign in on your browser, you can click the link on your phone and it should open the app (assuming you have it installed). Do I Have to use a Phone Number? Yes, it doesn't have to be yours, you just need to have it long enough to receive a code from a message. Pretty sure you can't have 2 accounts with 1 phone, as you use the phone number as your login.
  6. @TacnilDo you plan to upload S3 of Girl Meets World? It's currently airing and last I checked was being uploaded to iTunes. (Under the name of vol. 5)

  7. Hi! Just got referred to this site and decided to sign up, however you need to post at least once in order to see some things, so this is my post sorry if this counts as spam. (I don't know what would constitute a post as spam, sorry)
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