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  1. Happy Birthday, mate!


  2. kozala

    7 word story

    So it all began with cloning a
  3. kozala

    Physical or Digital Media??

    I used to be a physical, then I gave all my cassettes (Yes... cassettes! lol), DVDs and CDs away as I had soo many boxes of them. They were hidden away not being played. I find with digital I'm able to collect again the songs that I enjoy and not have a whole album with one song that I like.
  4. kozala

    Keep One, Drop One

    Lifting thumbtacks
  5. kozala

    4 word story

    a loud noise came
  6. kozala

    Count to 100,000

  7. kozala

    A call for donations

    2nd donation done! I hope we have a few months stored up now!
  8. kozala

    A call for donations

    I'll make a small donation now and another on payday!
  9. Thanks misseps! You are awesome.
  10. kozala

    4 word story

    bright orange fidget spinner
  11. kozala

    Count to 100,000

  12. kozala

    Reactions are finally here.

    The update is amazing Koby! I'm digging the reactions! I tend to lurk more and read everyone comments etc more than posting (I'm so bad at it!) and I always felt that if a user had said Thanks already then there was no need for me and I would click the like instead, it felt like I was double-posting. Good to know that info from uploaders about showing gratitude! So I will start today.... THANKS, KOBY YOU & THA K-TEAM ROCK!
  13. Anyone else looking forward to this show starting up?
  14. kozala

    Adventure Time

    Elementals series is next, then another 5 episodes after that so far.
  15. kozala

    Adventure Time

    I believe the last episode will air in 2018. Does anyone know how many episodes are in this final season? I cannot find out the total.