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  1. Happy Birthday, mate!


  2. kozala

    7 word story

    So it all began with cloning a
  3. I used to be a physical, then I gave all my cassettes (Yes... cassettes! lol), DVDs and CDs away as I had soo many boxes of them. They were hidden away not being played. I find with digital I'm able to collect again the songs that I enjoy and not have a whole album with one song that I like.
  4. kozala

    4 word story

    a loud noise came
  5. kozala

    4 word story

    bright orange fidget spinner
  6. The update is amazing Koby! I'm digging the reactions! I tend to lurk more and read everyone comments etc more than posting (I'm so bad at it!) and I always felt that if a user had said Thanks already then there was no need for me and I would click the like instead, it felt like I was double-posting. Good to know that info from uploaders about showing gratitude! So I will start today.... THANKS, KOBY YOU & THA K-TEAM ROCK!
  7. Anyone else looking forward to this show starting up?
  8. Elementals series is next, then another 5 episodes after that so far.
  9. I believe the last episode will air in 2018. Does anyone know how many episodes are in this final season? I cannot find out the total.
  10. Stumbled upon this mini episode last week and cracked up laughing over it. I love the voice actors in this show. Has anyone else seen this and are looking forward to this starting? Would be good to know if an air date is confirmed yet Mini Episode link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsnxNdRFYLk
  11. Don't know much about Windows 10 just googled this so I could read what you mean... https://support.office.com/en-US/article/Turn-off-or-uninstall-OneDrive-f32a17ce-3336-40fe-9c38-6efb09f944b0?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US&fromAR=1 THAT WOULD SH*T ME with how you cannot uninstall it only hide it. Hope you find a solution Hayato!
  12. Thanks a lot for checking it out! Appreciated!
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