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  1. Just got a hold of the "Battle Royale Ultimate Edition(Old TokyoPop books)" Book 1 to 5 for really cheap Read the first three chapters and then the rain came, so now i'll have to wait till the the sun in back. Cus i only read manga on the terrace/balcony when the sun is up, so ill have to wait a couple of days unfortiunatly. (And the weather has been beautyful so i have gotten to read alot but mainly graphic novels and regular books but not alot of manga ) Also, I just bought and read book 10 (Vol. 19/20) of Vinland Saga. its awesome.
  2. I would say Batman. That is 'cus I prefer my more realistic stories. My vote would actually go for Rorschach (from the Watchmen graphic novel) but I dont think he counts as a superhero
  3. This week: One-Punch Man (v1-12, have read this a couple of times before and have already preordered v13 ) (My Score: 9/10) Within the last two weeks: Vagabond (v1-30, did not live up to the hype in my opinion) (My Score: 6/10) Tokyo Ghoul (v1-14, did not live up to the hype in my opinion) (My Score: 5/10)
  4. Fishmonster

    Anime or Manga?

    I prefer Manga (now, but earlier i prefered anime) Got randomly into watching anime, and that lead to me starting reading manga. And manga got me into reading graphic novels. And now i barely watch any anime anymore (just 2-3 anime within the last year), but I read alot of mangas and graphic novels.
  5. I'm currently also reading (for the 2nd time) Vinland Saga. Just finnished the 5th book. That series is awesome. And just started reading Biomega aswell, so jump back and forth between that and Vinland Saga. Also just finnished BLAME! on sunday. Took like 2 hours to read through all 10 books (Tokyopop version) cus there are mostly just pictures with no text. And read through Ral Ω Grad a couple of days earlier.
  6. Creedence Clearwater Revival Led Zeppelin The Who (Uncertain if all these count as classic rock thoughm but they are atleast freaking awesome bands )
  7. I would highly recommend: "Y - The Last Man", "Saga", "Southern Bastards", "Watchmen" and "Kick-Ass" There are also a couple of very short series I would recommend: "We Stand on Guard", "Joe - The Barbarian" and "300" I have never gotten into the DC or Marvel universe, cus there are just way to many comics to even start reading. And im not really a fan of superhero comics or movies (Unless you go for the darker look at it like Watchmen or do a comical take on the genre like Kick-Ass). So I wont recommend any of those standard superhero comics. I have basically just been sticking to stand-alone series, where "Y - The Last Man" is my favorite so far.
  8. I use both Firefox and Chrome, but Firefox is my favorite Remembered I recently read an article where they tested different web browsers, so when i saw this poll I went back and re-read it. The PC World test compaired Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. Chrome was the winner, with Opera number two. In the speedtest Firefox was pretty clearely slowest when opening tabs and loading (but it had other advantages though) Quote from PC World: "Firefox helps maintain overall PC performance under heavier workloads, but it's not great if you want dozens of sites to load as quickly as possible." My computer is crap, so that is probably why i prefer Firefox over the others cus it does not slow down my computer as much as the other web browsers :-)
  9. Ahh.. Havn't been around for a while, so was to late to vote.. Anyways, if i had been on time i'd vote for My Hero Academia S2. All the others i've watched that season I dropped after a few episodes and yes, that also includes Attack on titan S2. I'll probably binge-watch that at a later stage though.
  10. Impressive that this show is still going. I unfortiunetly fell off in season 6(i think). Didnt like that the show went from being very episodic to an one story per seasons thing after season 3-ish. But the first two seasons are some of my favorite seasons of all the shows i've ever watched. Might binge watch this at one point, cus im curious how the story ends. (Well the ending on the show after season 6 was quite good, when the show was supposed to end.) Edit: Agree with Koby, It was season 5
  11. 6953 At this rate, this game will be finnished in about 132 years, give or take.. So year 2149 here we come
  12. Got the Shiki S.A.V.E version a bout a week ago. Holy Crap the cover is ugly. So i'll have to edit and print out a new cover. But ithe S.A.V.E comes with Blu-Ray and DVD and was much cheeper than the regualr Blu-Ray's i've found. At the same time i bought the 2nd part of the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Collection. So i now finally have the Complete FMA Brotherhood series.
  13. The Odyssey and The Iliad by Homer. I have an interest in different mytholigy which is probably why i like them. It's the last two books i've read and it was about 4-5 years ago. So i dont read alot and i should re-read them soon, but now i usually just stick to manga
  14. Well i'd vote for Haganai, cus that is the least ecchi ecchi show i have watched Well atleast I feel like they did the show in such a way that the ecchi didn't take the focus away from the story, and it was quite funny and entertaining. Edit: Btw, My OCD is acting up since the numbers are not on a strait line.
  15. 3 times? I can only search once before i get this message: Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 21 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3 It has been like that since i joined so thought there was a 1 search limit every 30 sec. But hasnt been a problem though, so i dont really care, just thought i add it since its relevant to the topic
  16. I've watched since early 2016 or late 2015 or something. So not so long. and well, i'm turning 27 this year. So i kinda got into anime at an old age. Randomly came across Fullmetal Alchemist and got hooked afterwards (But i think you posted this topic in the wrong place so it'll probably be moved soon )
  17. Fullmetal Alchemist Well, not easy to recommend a new series when I don't know what you have watched, but here is a couple of anime that i would recommend to others. Black Lagoon (Just a lot of action all the freaking time) or: Jormungand (Kinda like Black Lagoon and almost as good) Berserk (1998-ish? version. Swordfights, adventure and a lot of violence, what's not to love?) Shiki (Horror, with a unike artstyle. Is a bit slow at times, but the story is pretty good) Cowboy Bebop (Smooth and cool Sci-fi anime, with awesome characters) Trigun ( Follow the wacky adventures of Vash, as he fights injustice with a revolver and a smile on his face and a bounty on his head) Barakamon ( Comedy/Slice of life. Just sit back, relax and have a laugh) Your Lie in April (Drama/Music, try not to cry) My Hero Academia (Your standard shounen series, but this one is actually pretty awesome) One-Punch Man (A comical take on the shounen genre) So was trying to pick some different genre. In my opinion you can't go wrong with either of these shows. Edit: Oh, and you could have look at the Kametsu's Anime of the Season: Hall of Fame
  18. "You can not subscribe to add-on subscriptions with this billing address, as sign-up and streaming is not available outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico." So not available for me.... still only CR is availible which doesnt have any dubs (all the dubs CR have are blocked here). Says 71 TV shows (but dub and sub count as 2 shows) and 10 movies available atm from Anime Strke, but im guessing this will increase rapidly (just a guess though). Hopefully it will be made available in other contries soon.
  19. Just FYI, if im not happy with the file size i sometime re-encode (just for personal use and if the only version i find is a 1080p/flac of a show i dont really care about) and i cant se a "noticable" difference. I know there is a qualityloss but comparing just by watching it (not frame by frame) I feel i cant se much difference on a 65" TV. But if it is a show that i enjoy i keep the large file size. (but dont really know why since with my eyes i cant usually tell any difference.) and by saying that i should definitely hang my head in shame and exit Kametsu (BTW never take anything i say seriously, cus i dont know how to be serious). But like I mentioned earlier Mr Blackblades, you should find what quality you want, and dont care what anyone else tells you Edit: Know im getting a little off topic, sorry bout that... And also Blackblades, trust people like Moby JJ, Koby, MK, Catar, Etzimal and the rest of the encoders here much more than people like me. Havnt watched anime for more than 6 months-ish, and in a couple of years i migh end up regreting the crappy choices i made today by keeping lower quality encodes. And harddrives are quite cheap, so there shouldnt really be a problem with file size.
  20. See @blackblades I said not to trust me. there i go giving you false information *hang my head in shame, and quietly exit Kametsu. Will cautiously show up again when my embaressment has died down and peak my head in and see if everyone has forgotten my mistake
  21. I always though they called it mini cus they encoded a previous encode into a "small file size". So say you have a 24minute video @ 2 GB and encode it down to, say 1.5 GB, which should if done correctly still should have pretty good quality (and ofc there as you say, will be quality loss), does it still count as mini?
  22. no problemo bit rate is how much bit("information") there is in every second on average on a video. this may vary from episode to episode, since some episodes have more movement so it needs more bitrate on average (or less, i dont remembre, logic dictates it should be more) to keep the same quality of the video as the other episodes. the reason is when people encode they set a crf (atleast at my basic level i just use crf), so when you set a crf (which is a constant quality) the video-encoding program decides the bitrate. crf is used to get about the same quality for all the episodes. higher crf means lower quality. so bit rate may vary much from episode to episode, and from anime to anime. I dont know where the limit for mini-encodes is but it has a high crf and im guessing about crf 25 and higher or something . i personally dont like mini's cus i can usualy see that the video is a bit "blocky" which is annoying. but if you prefer those, that is completely OK. mainly experience, combined with some basic knowledge will help you decide what version of the anime you want to get. so you can see 1080p video which has much lower size than a 720p cus the 1080p has a much higher crf which means it has much lower bit rate. hopefully someone who has more knowledge than me can create a short introduction to all the basics when it comes to video quality. and if you want to know more, google is your friend but i agree that it would be nice to have a quick tutorial when it comes to video/audio quality. and once again, you should not trust that all i say is a 100% correct.
  23. Just to add if you were wondering aswell about AVC/x264/h264 and HEVC/x265/h.265 is different coding of a show. x265 is a newer type which has about 60% of the filesize as x264 with same quality (just video, this excludes the audio which is the same for both) , but if you want as high quality as possible people still go for x264 because it is said it has better quality if you want as high quality as possible. And .mkv or .mp4 and that sorta stuff is just kinda the different packaging of video/audio/subs. then there is the audio. which is usualy either flac og acc. flac has better sound, but acc has lower filesize. and there is a difference in kbps on the audio, which means 160kbps has lower quality then 192kbps but is offcorse smaller in filesize. alongside the info you probably read about 8/10 bit, this should likely be enough to make an informed decision about what to choose when to download. you need to decide if you want quality over filesize or vice versa. Usually larger filesize means better quality, and you should decide what quality to sizeratio you prefer. (someone please correct me if anything i say is wrong, cus i dont know much about this and i'm just trying to help inform and hopefully inform correctly ) Edit: A way to decide what quality you want is just do download a couple of versions of the same show and see if you can see or hear the diference between them. if you cant notice any difference go for the smallest filsize. if you notice a difference and you want the one with larger filesize, keep that one. And if you notice a difference, but you think lower filesize is more important then quality just keep the series with lower filesize. (dont know if my rambling makes sense ). over time you'll be able to tell before you download which quality you want to go for. For instance Kametsu's own releases, which are awesome btw, i usually dont need 1080p/flac and go for the 720p/acc releases cus of i personally feel the difference is not noticable enough for me to choose the 1080p version over the 720p version.
  24. I dont really comment on topics like this but I read your comment and laughed cus, well: First of all transgenders do exist, thats why they created the term, Transgender. "Transgender people are people who have a gender identity, or gender expression, that differs from their assigned sex." So... its not like Santa Clause, Transgenders do exist. Your comment was so hatefull and ignorant that it usually fits right in at different forums. If someone is transgender i dont really care, but stupidity and ignorance from people who should know better, that is something to look down on/ laugh at. And well, "brain damage" is in a sence right, cus they were born this way and cant really change it. All brains a wired differently, which is why we all are unique, and transgendered brains are "wired" a way that they do not identify with the sex that they were born into. As for me, I think they should have equal right, cus i do not find any reason they should not have 'em. Equality is a good thing. But as it does not really affect me, i dont care too much and im not invested in fighting for their rights, i just think everyone should be entitled to equal rights.
  25. Fishmonster

    Favorite Anime

    1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Brilliant story. IMO have not seen/read a story which have seemed so well planned from the start. 2. Berserk - Like FMA:B the story is amazing and great characters. 3. Black Lagoon - Just love the awesome, stupid, over-the-top action. And Revvy is best girl 4. Cowboy Bebop - Great characters, which is basically the only reason that this show is so entertaining. 5. Your lie in April - Disregarding that it got a little boring/drawn-out in the middle, its a beautiful anime with a great but sad story. Also a bit further down the favorit list: Shiki, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, Jormungand and maybe Code Geass R1 (imo R2 was crap)
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