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  1. tokyo joe

    Apple Threatened over Anti-Gay Law

    Guess it worked, because she vetoed the bill.
  2. tokyo joe

    Venezuela Simply Turned off Its Internet

    Looks like they are emulating Turkey's internet restrictions... Maybe this is the start of a trend by governments with something to hide?
  3. tokyo joe

    MEPs Won’t Grant Asylum to Snowden

    What the article is saying is that the EU is not itself sovereign, but is composed of sovereign states. Snowden will have to pick an individual country to seek asylum in. If Snowden is returned to the United States, he will be (turned on a spit and fried to a crisp) pretty much done for. We're just supposed to sell the man out after what he's done for us? Some gratitude.
  4. tokyo joe

    Europe Is Discontent with US Internet Management

    The net was never free. Someone owns the physical hardware the net is composed of. For that matter, nothing is free. The Snowden leaks illustrated that the net is NOT free. My point is that the E.U. is going to have to build their internet from the ground up, control it, and regulate access to it if they are to protect their communications from the United States and the United Kingdom (and Russia and China).
  5. tokyo joe

    Europe Is Discontent with US Internet Management

    All states (i shall refer to countries as states for those of you in the United States of America ) are sovereign and equal, but some states are more equal than others. Who could be trusted?? Maybe France could bring back Minitel and expand on it...
  6. tokyo joe

    Europe Is Discontent with US Internet Management

    Let's be blunt: Russia or China can't be trusted not to have internet surveillance as it is, the United States just got red-handed caught at it. Germany is whispering in France's ears; France will have to take the lead on an EU based data network. Somebody has to, right?
  7. tokyo joe

    Rainbows in Twitter Are for Russians

    Awesome! LGBT equality is the new frontier, and we are experiencing its birth pangs.
  8. VKontakte claims it will crack down on its content, so we will have to wait and see. But I personally wouldn't hold my breath as the government is so anti-LGBT
  9. tokyo joe

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    Either Star blazers or Battle of the Planets. Never was into all the Robot ones for some reason...
  10. tokyo joe

    Is It So Wrong? And Who Thinks This Way?

    What you watch in the privacy of your own home is none of their daggone business, dude. A man can have many sides to him and still be manly. Besides, Sailor Moon gets pretty (insert invective here) serious, dramatic, and epic, so why not watch?
  11. tokyo joe

    Turkey to Introduce Internet Censorship

    They're probably scared of a "Arab Spring" event happening to them, so they're taking measures like controlling the media. Turkey don't play. they always mean business.
  12. tokyo joe

    North Korea Claimed It Created OSX

    They probably obtained copies of the abovementioned operating systems, replicated them, and put their stamp on them, is it really a stretch to think they couldn't? Anyway, Kim Il-sung created the cosmos, so why couldn't they? Since the United States and its allies have embargoes in place against North Korea, but not China, (or Russia, Cuba notwithstanding,) I'm pretty sure that N. Korea could obtain the operating systems from either Big 5 member. (Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, not based on fact.)
  13. tokyo joe

    Post a Single, or a Number of Your Favorite Quotes

    Something i think the world fails at: "When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision." Lord Falkland (1610 - 1643)
  14. tokyo joe

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Mountain Dew. ... ... ... Okay, Coke. What? Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi? ... ... Guess that makes it Pepsi by default. Darn.