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  1. So I am in an anime slump and can'f afford to buy any good shows, and I'm not sure what show to watch on netflix. Any one know of any good shows on netflix?
  2. Love this show. By far is my favorite of all time. My favorite good character is Chu, and my favorite villain is Sakio. Chu is so funny and Australian, and Sakio is really smart and precise.
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    Yeah, I dont like how it jumps from fight to fight without finishing the fights. lol Like ishida will be fighting for half an episode then it will jump over to Ichigo for like 5 episodes then it will go back to ishida and by that point the fight lost its luster and you just want it to end and have the story move forward. Imo the fights are way to long most of the time and they try to cover everyones fights at the same time which makes it hard to really get into a fight. Also, I do find it annoying that only bad guys die for the most part when they keep gaining allies. It makes it real hard to get to know other characters cuz there is just so many. =S Besides those things the show does pick up just at the right moment to keep me watching. lol
  4. Ein from Phantom is one who had me about screaming at her because of reasons you would know if you watched it. lol
  5. yeah, phantom is good. I cant believe i didnt think of it. lol I know i was missing a really good one.
  6. Depends on what your in to. For fighting style anime Yu Yu Hakusho is a great one that also is story driven with good VA and charcters. For a more laid back type that is focused on character development and story Spice and Wolf had me finish the series in one day cuz i got hooked after the first episode. lol Gurren lagann is also a good one that had me watching one episode after another. Lots of action, some comedy, and good VA with good charcters and story. But its hard to tell what shows will have this effect on you since everyone has their own tastes and all. But I strongly suggest giving those a try!
  7. Sakyo from Yu Yu Hakusho. He is the only Character that i can think of that never lost his cool even a little bit from start to finish, even at his own death.
  8. Spice and wolf Shikabane Hime Gurren lagann Samurai Champloo Death Note Afro Samurai Cowboy Bebop Black Cat Darker Than Black season 1 FLCL Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom Trinity Blood I tried to only name anime with an episode count around 26 or less. But I enjoyed all of these shows and recommend them!
  9. Samurai Champloo Has a lot of good fight scenes like the beggining fight scene. Afro Samurai has a bunch of good ones too. The ending fight on Black Cat was good too. The final fight in Trinity Blood was awesome too. lol
  10. yeah, i felt the same way about it too. lol But try Shuffle.
  11. Hot- Sia from Shuffle/Yoko from Gurren Lagann Crazy- Chidori from Full Metal Panic!/Ayano from Kaze no stigma Smart- Holo from Spice and Wolf/Whinrey from Full Metal Alchemist Sexy- Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop/Rinslet Walker from Black Cat Funny- Holo from Spice and Wolf/Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Z Cute- Holo from Spice and Wolf/Yin from Darker Than Black BA- Ein from Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom/Cal from Phantom
  12. I say one where they have skills that are slightly above human but no special powers. But i do watch anime of either style.
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