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  1. Hello, Mr.Koby, its been so long, Also member of Cman21 AP Website (not promoting :P)


    How are you?

    1. Koby
    2. NeutralHatred


      Randomly message an admin, mentioning a website.


      Totally not promoting.

    3. EccentricOne


      Buy the new piece of crap from AMAZON TODAY


      not promoting

  2. Anime does impact the series for better or for worse in this case it affected Bleach negatively. with dropped anime series it will be a fresh start for bleach.
  3. Except bleach all were airing anime.
  4. Kouhai poetictagedy firedogx10 (everybody did a great job it was hard to decide)
  5. Gunslinger Girl, one of my series which i will only watch 1 time.
  6. Its really difficult to choose, everybody has created beautiful signature's, After long struggle here is my ranking Shirσ poetictragedy Nagisa (use of rendered xxxHolic smoke was nice touch) everybody nice work
  7. < I will post whatever i have created for Kametsu Here > Signature's 26/04/2014
  8. Nagisa firedogx10 Tsukumo Yuma
  9. Thank's a lot , this will help me with my work.
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