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  1. Oh. I thought it was a torrent site. I'll try getting it
  2. @PannenkoekenNL I meant onto mega or another file host.
  3. Are you looking for the older ones or the newer ones? I've got a lot of the older dvds of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and I might have some GT. If you're looking for the older ones, then I'll see if I can rip them. But you wouldn't be able to get them anytime soon, as I am going on vacation for 1-2 weeks.
  4. I'd like to know this as well. It would be good to know this for if I need to in the future.
  5. I tried upscaling a screenshot from my itunes copy of episode 1 with Waifu2x and here are my results: Original 640x480 screenshot Upscaled 1280x960 screenshot Upscaled 2560x1920 screenshot Not really sure about the results.
  6. Request

    oops Guess I read the title of this thread wrong
  7. Request

    I'm talking to you. Or I guess everyone else here as well..
  8. Request

    https://marvelousheroes.wordpress.com/ I'm assuming these are bad or not what you want?
  9. teen titans go!

    Umm.. I posted these on here like almost a year ago.
  10. What Blu-ray had this?
  11. That's awesome! Can't wait!
  12. well the comics have being running for a while.
  13. What type of phone? If it's apple, then I think you have to jailbreak it to view the files.
  14. Currently looking for the 1980's Astro Boy series in 1080p. I saw that the series is on iTunes in 1080p and apparently there's a Blu-Ray of the series as well. Thanks, TheOneWhoSees