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  1. What type of phone? If it's apple, then I think you have to jailbreak it to view the files.
  2. Currently looking for the 1980's Astro Boy series in 1080p. I saw that the series is on iTunes in 1080p and apparently there's a Blu-Ray of the series as well. Thanks, TheOneWhoSees
  3. There's also one's for the other books (Ignore those prices. I'm just using Australian itunes)
  4. That would be awesome! I was actually planing to remaster it myself, but glad to know I don't have to do it now
  5. ffmpeg is probably the best option.
  6. Tuneskit works pretty well, but apparently it does something to the audio. You could always use requiem for the audio and tuneskit for the video (if you wanted to do it in 1080p)
  7. I've found a 720p version, but I think it looks the same as the 480p version. Also I'm having trouble with the link on megalinks. What's the password?
  8. hope you can share it on here.
  9. Yes. It ended last Saturday.
  10. Did you guys enjoy the finale? (Cause I did )
  11. Nearly forgot to ask: Did you guys enjoy the new episode? And are you guys excited for the last episode?! [I'm not doing any personal reviews anymore]
  12. Does Amazon have this in better quality than ITunes? If so, then is there any Amazon webrips available? Thanks, TheOneWhoSees
  13. Did you guys enjoy the new episode? Personal Review (Contains Spoilers): THE SHIP CAME TRUE!! It was funny how Jack was so awkward around Ashi.
  14. What did you guys think of the new episode? Personal review (contains spoilers): Really glad he got his sword back (and he got a shave ) It's crazy how Ashi killed her mother, but I guess she deserved it.. I can tell that the last episode is going to be insane!