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  1. TheOneWhoSees

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    how is yours working?
  2. Looks like most things are on there. https://vrv.co/boomerang/browse Maybe even everything.
  3. TheOneWhoSees

    Muffins or Cupcakes

    Definitely cupcakes.
  4. TheOneWhoSees

    Count to 100,000

  5. TheOneWhoSees

    [Help] Rip DC Universe's content

    Found the Titans episode (for anyone looking for it): This is starting to get off topic.
  6. TheOneWhoSees

    [Help] Rip DC Universe's content

    If there’s no high quality release by next week, then I guess I’ll rip it I’ve still yet to watch Titans.
  7. TheOneWhoSees

    Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

    Xbox One X is better in graphics. I’m pretty sure the XBO X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro (Not too sure though).
  8. TheOneWhoSees

    Count to 100,000

  9. TheOneWhoSees

    Count to 100,000

  10. TheOneWhoSees

    How to watch Toonami/Adultswim shows in mpv?

    Adult Swim uses .m3u8 for their videos. If mpv plays .m3u8s, then you should be able to use a raw link Example:
  11. TheOneWhoSees

    [Help] Rip DC Universe's content

    I am the 'someone' that is trying to crack it. I can give some info about what I have discovered. Yes, it is the same type of API as Boomerang (Dramafever). DC's API doesn't work outside the US, unlike Boomerang's. My Boomerang trick doesn't work with DC Universe. The encryption used is Widevine, Playready and Fairplay. The URL that DC downloads for offline viewing is Widevine. Subtitles are not encrypted and can be downloaded.
  12. TheOneWhoSees

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    What’s X.O.R?
  13. TheOneWhoSees

    How to get audio on Netflix

    Use this script: https://gist.github.com/xor10/8f65c1e66a34386e1131f8c28ff6bf64/raw/flix.min.user.js You need: Chrome Tampermonkey After Tampermonkey is installed, open the link. It should ask you if you want to install it. Install it. Now go onto the Netflix and go play the video you want. Then do CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + N It should bring up a box with audio and subtitle download options.
  14. TheOneWhoSees

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    no, I mean I compiled the program. Need to figure out how to use this.
  15. TheOneWhoSees

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I figured out how to make it and now it works.