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  1. icebox616


    Created a Discord server for the CNReborn PJ. Anyone interested can find the link in the main post.
  2. icebox616


    I guess using the wayback machine on the CN's gamelist page set on about 1/2 weeks ago and confronting it with the current one, one could see the removed ones
  3. icebox616


    Great. Ben 10 Omniverse - Game Creator has just been taken off the internet just as I was about to ask for some help to rip it over at Flashpoint. Thank you again CN. This along with I think might be other hundreds as they list only 222 now while there were almost double just a week ago, fortunately the only one I was still interested in for this archive was Game Creator though. Thank god I decided to do some intensive ripping just 2 weeks ago, who knows how many other would have been turned into [NP] after this massacre.
  4. icebox616


    @Eating Totally agree, I have been able to already recover another [OP] game thanks to the advice of a user there. Yeah totally awesome to point out their existence @DRX Thanks once again!! @CrustingFlakes, I can't really tell you a 100% yes or no from my side, I haven't really thought about that, as I am focused on this era, but I did throw a look to the newer games, they are in HTML5 and from what I have seen and observed they should be downloadable and playable offline as they seem to be very similar to flash games with dependencies, so by applying a variation of the method I use it should be possible to rip these games as well. So I can't really say I will never do it and it's absolutely out of the question, but if it will happen, it will be only after I completely wrapped my CNReborn Project.
  5. icebox616


    I didn't know about that! Very interesting! Thanks! I'll give it a try when I come back to this
  6. icebox616


    Sure, I can give you the link to the games as soon as I upload them so you can check them out! Also, yes.. tried the compatibility modes and none worked. Funny you brought up virtual machine, that is exactly what I was considering doing next time i try to look into these. I still have no clue about how I can completely remove the protection though... to make them work on windows 10 as well, just like the other hacked ones. Maybe you can accomplish something with these, I have currently switched working on some other projects now I'll PM you the link as soon as they are up. I can give you the offline version whenever you want, just PM me for it
  7. icebox616


    I see exactly what you mean Eating, in fact I have grown quite accustumed to swf decompiling, it's because of this that I was able to now make 90% of the games work offline. I was able to figure out from the source code and through sniffing all the names of the dependencies a particular swf or dcr needed to work and then automatically figured out their location in the host website relative to the main “launcher”. After generating all the links I of course just downloaded and placed the dependencies accordingly, I even took this one step forward and "converted" them to fully standalone .exe files. There are only 4 games I didn't yet manage to “hack” this way (see the ones in Yellow). Unfortunately as for the Powerplay demos, it's a very different story, while Bugging Out and Sweets Ahoy are created in flash, they require to be "instructed" by a "Powerplay.exe" file to be playable, and what is even worst now, is that said file won't even open in windows 10 so I can't sniff out where the app keeps its time data and then change it (I was aware of this practice and even used in the past) also, I can confirm that the app keeps its data offline so there is no reason for that not to be possible (I looked into it some time ago but kind of superficially, because I thought the hundreds of swf's where a priority and I knew I could come back to these later), what is stopping me now though, as said before is the fact that I can't even open up these .exes since I got Windows 10 (they worked fine on 7). Then you have the likes of Appetite For Demolition and Masks of Legends which are not flash and are structured like normal PC games (no flash dependencies), problem is again these don't work on windows 10 either, must be because of the embedded launcher that actually keeps the demo time rather than the games themselves (I can tell that because they behave exactly the same and I once ran them on w7, and they had the timer launcher thing). Moral of the story: The demo time-keeper launcher is to be removed and somehow separated from the core exes that make the games work, as it's both the reason these games are time limited “demos” and also a source of incompatibility. And that, I don't know how to do yet. Because even if we find where the launcher keeps its time data and change it to a huge number it won't solve the compatibility problem. Also to be noted is the fact that the PowerPlay games that have been hacked (by other people) seemed to have had received the same treatment, the timer doesn't pop-up anymore but the Powerplay.exe works without trouble, so clearly the problem is the protection itself. Cool thing about this is that should we have all the dependencies we could actually play old "online" flash games like Big Fat Awesome Party and Total Drama Best Game Ever (which weren't actually online as no in-game mechanic was actually server controlled), they work exactly as any other swf with dependencies does. Damn it!! I wish I knew 10 years ago what I know today, we would be playing Big Fat Awesome Party if that was so. I am 100% sure of this, the same guys who did these 2 games have also done Scooby-Doo Crystal Cove Online, guess what... I ripped that game using the exact same method and now it's playable offline, no questions asked...
  8. icebox616


    Seems many of us enjoyed Big Fat Awesome Party About that, I recently found the two creators of the game (both this and Total Drama Best Game Ever), they should have the files, and I know for a thing that should the main .swf file have all its dependencies, the games can technically still be playable offline and locally. It's these two guys, Gonzalo and Sofia. A friend of mine already tried to contact the girl, but as much as she was happy to know people still want to play them she didn't want to share the files due to fear of having problems with cartoon network (but we know the network doesn't give a **** anymore about their older shows, their games are mirrored all over the net, and they never seemed to be bothered by that) anyway if you guys want to try to contact these two people I think they are truly our best bet. Again maybe if they see more people are keen one of them might slip us a quick link to get the files... and man would I LOVE to play these two games again.
  9. icebox616


    Ok, guys, got this thread unlocked!! What are your favorite CN flash games? Which ones did you grow up with? Are they in this list? (they should be!) My personal favorites were “Big Fat Awesome House Party”, which unfortunately is not playable anymore, and Cul-De-Sac Smash
  10. icebox616

    Cartoon Network City Era Bumper Music

    I'm not 100% sure, but he might be the guy you're looking for due to this video and the description in it!
  11. CARTOON NETWORK FLASH GAMES After months of research and going through the most remote parts of the internet including the past internet thanks to the Wayback Machine from as far back as 1999 and buying special CN Games DVD's Such as Toontastic, All-Stars, Fun Factory, Power Pack and Candy Capers. I managed to collect what I believe to be the most complete CN Web Game Collection ever made. My goal was to do my best trying to make as many games as possible available to play offline. I managed to find ways and tweaks for most of these game to be playable offline. Much like my other thread about the CN City Bumpers the list below will have each game be classified by a color that will describe its playable status. If any of you know about other games that I missed or manages to find long lost games (official ones) do let me know! The intention of this project is to have and keep track of only the web games of the following shows: Ben 10 (Original-Alien Force-Ultimate Alien-Omniverse), Camp Lazlo, Chowder, Class of 3000, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Cow & Chicken, Dexter's Lab, Hannah Barbera shows, Duck Dodgers, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Grim & Evil, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Johnny Bravo, Justice League, KND, Looney Tunes, Megas XLR, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Powerpuff Girls, RobotBoy, Samurai Jack, Scooby-Doo, Sheep In The Big City, Squirrel Boy, Teen Titans (NOT Go), The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy, Tom and Jerry, Total Drama. Any other games of shows not written here ARE JUST A BONUS. Let me know which ones are your favourite! The following tags help to describe the playable state of the game: [FP]: Safe. It means this game is fully playable offline. No internet connection required, the whole internet and any/all flash games websites (Including CN itself) can shut down, you can still play this. [OP]: At risk. It means this game can be played only while connected to the internet. If something goes wrong or one day CN or the hosting website (or the internet) shuts down this game will be lost forever. We know one day or another these will be taken off the web, it's just how things work! So I hope smarter people than me can help out! [DP]: It means the game is playable offline but it's a demo only. In this case all demos here are the full game but with a timer restriction. The files are there, these are less "in danger". Someone can still come up one day and make them work. [NP]: Lost. It means this game is not playable anymore and the worst has happened already. They are no longer hosted anywhere on the web. There are no more known to me playable versions of this game around. Sad, very sad. List of Games: Current Stats of the Project: There are currently no plans to include HTML5 games. Should you stumble upon any of the lost games please let me know (or if you are aware of any game I might have missed) This is part of the CNReborn Project. Join the discord server to give me a hand (or also, just to keep more updated with the progress or talk about CN related stuff. WARNING Don't ask me for links to the games in the comments, this is not an official release, it was soppused to be a DISCUSSION thread and a personal INDEX for me, and it's against kametsu rules for me to publicly put links to games here! You can however PM me for more information if you really really want to.
  12. icebox616

    Samurai Jack: The Complete Series Blu-ray

    Yeah, I read on blu-ray.com that Every season is on a 50 GB disc which would make an episode have like 3-4 times the bitrate and size (my guess is at least 3 GB/EP) of a native ITunes rip (I also read on the official discussion thread of the series that the Itunes version is about 800-900 MB per episode). I would buy the boxset myself (and one day I most certainly will) but besides the fact that it is already currently out of stock (and is being sold on eBay at a Higher price than officially announced) I can't afford it right now. So for now I am hoping someone will make a 1:1 rip of the blu-rays. I have to say, I am a little against the Itunes rips on this one because if someone does them it's a little less likely someone will rip the blu-rays because everyone would just be very happy and grab the itunes rips. And, as a personal favorite series I think it deserves only the Best.