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  1. Guys, do you know for when is scheduled the rebuild in 2017?
  2. No substance is a little bit too subjective. I still wonder why it gets so much hate. I agree that is not memorable but Inaho and Slaine are like the prototypes of Natuto and Sasuke. This leads me to the idea why is Naruto not considered mediocre as well ? The amount of substance is not that different although one is long running shonen and this is standalone.
  3. finally the kakashies face is revealed. but nevertheless ussless filler
  4. really dissapointing and the plot seems really illogical
  5. abaciort

    One Piece

    yei heart of gold is out but the necxt movie is sthill justs raw with no en subs
  6. abaciort

    91 Days

    probablly the best one this season just watching 4 ep and is fuking awesome
  7. Still in my watch list it seems lto be promising
  8. again delayed to 2017 but kanaberi was enough for the spring season
  9. me to one of my first
  10. abaciort

    Fairy Tail

    Probably the worst of the long running shonens
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