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  1. There's several different types of leaks. There's really no point in knowing how because there's already plenty of people that know how. If you want to figure out how, think constructively about what's going on when watching a CN episode. Branch off that.
  2. I might be wrong about this, since I haven't used Kodi for anything besides testing purposes, but I believe that it uses The TV Database, so this should be the episode listings for Season 1 (you can find the other seasons easily with a google search) http://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid=76666&seasonid=11061
  3. cn's uploading so much teen titans.... also cn reuploaded so many birthdays... anyone want the preview/images for that =P
  4. Here's the 720p Logoless clips i bet you dingo'll 4k these in an hour (I just remembered that he's sick.... sooo) https://a.fluntcaps.me/mvorcc.mp4 https://a.fluntcaps.me/gnesdv.mp4
  5. how horrible. also, the two minute previews aren't out. and @Dingo is probably going to get it thursday morning chill
  6. Here they are: http://b.1339.cf/fxqfjni.mp4 http://b.1339.cf/xbxjtej.mp4
  7. Some 720p logoless clips should be up tomorrow. Anyone want them?
  8. i still can't find it. they haven't uploaded it yet, I guess.
  9. Yeah no, I mean from the leaks. Like actual leaks.
  10. Actually, I messed up. Found an outdated source.
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