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  1. oxyros

    Status Quo

    I think it is unfortunate that the release posts are now lost along with the download sections. As much as I understand the need for removing DDL sections of the forum I think it is disingenuous to say that everyone was only coming here to leech off of DDL links and not participate in any fashion to the community, particularly the anime ones. I am a video encoding geek, audiophile, and general AV nerd and I enjoyed some of the detailed information included in release posts, particularly from CTR. Mostly notably to me is the Cowboy Bebop release, which had extra effort put into the encoding side with more advanced techniques to remove noise, interlacing artifacts, and some other quirks with the raw BD to bring forth a 1080p release that is arguably better in every way to its raw source. Now that release post is lost and for some reason the anime "scene" doesn't like NFO files, and all the torrent copies I see of CTR releases just link back to a now dead Kametsu link in their descriptions. People who like to know how the sausage gets made now have no way of knowing what went into a CTR release, not to mention now the raws and subs groups are not being highlighted (except in the MKV metadata I guess). Ultimately I believe the sharing of media does itself create a community as many anime can't be streamed or purchased in the West in anyway. Not that I expect Kametsu to return to what it was before but at this point CTR, deanzel, LostYears, ShadyCrabs, Scyrous, etc are kind of homeless. Even though everything they ever posted here is easily found via other public websites, they all used Kametsu as a home base. I hope they continue to provide insight and detail about their releases for the side of the community that are able to join discussions thanks to the media they share in some form or another.
  2. oxyros

    Hello All

    I'm just someone that likes animated media and humongous high quality files.
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