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  1. what'd ya'll think of Hilary's speech last night?


    1. Koby


      I stopped listening to anything she has to say a long time ago. Too much lies and flip-flopping depending on what she thinks people listening want to hear. No one really has any idea what she stands for, but we all know she's corrupt as she can be.

    2. Fathis Crowe

      Fathis Crowe

      Yea but what's the alternative? Trump? I thought her speech was excellent given all the drama/circumstances.

  2. I heard Will and Elizabeth Turner were coming back! I missed them in the 4th installment. I'm excited to have them all back 'Tis great news, this is!
  3. My thoughts exactly.. The original Fable was the first of it's kind. They should have never made sequels.
  4. Another great show! I'm sad this will be the last season.. There have never really been any good Pirate shows on television. Hopefully this won't be the last.
  5. Me and my girlfriend just saw, The Secret Life of Pets. It was just, OK.. We were both disappointed actually.
  6. My friend just gave me books 1 of: Deathnote Hellsing Full Metal Alchemist I hope I get into at least one of these..
  7. Currently "working" at work, lol! :P


  8. I love your style, urbatman. Great entries so far guys!
  9. I just read the Wiki.. This sounds like the movie Tron. "A world made from electronics/video games." I love Tron, so this seems exciting. Thanks!
  10. I'm playing quite a few games atm: Dark Souls III League of Legends Pokémon Go Vainglory Halo 5: Guardians
  11. I love this show! I've been creeping the @Vikings Twitter handle everyday waiting for a release date for season 4 part 2. The best part about this show is that my parents like it too. We're always going crazy about it as a family haha! My avatar is actually from the show. It's my favorite character from the show, Rollo. What's everyone's thoughts?
  12. They already made a graphics novel for it. So this has kind-of-already been done.. Check it out, it's a great read!
  13. Characters are what make a story relatable.. I didn't like the plot of Divergent, but the characters were so good that I actually liked the film in the end. So I guess characters would be most important to me.
  14. Question.. Did you go by any other aliases on another forum? Or did you own another forum previous to this one? I knew a Kobius back in the day just curious.

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    2. Fathis Crowe

      Fathis Crowe

      Ok, different person, but nice to meet you anyways haha!

    3. Koby


      Likewise, welcome to the community. Looks like you're a fan of the tv show Vikings? Nice avatar. =)

    4. Fathis Crowe

      Fathis Crowe

      Thanks! I made it myself. I have a huge collection of icons. I used to own a forum dedicated to them. LMK if you ever want one.

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