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  1. how are you doing mate ! long time no see

    hope u doing fine :)


    1. 21century


      I doing fine still burned out but fine¬†ūüėŹ

      how are you doing

      I was playing games on ps4 new God of war and RDR 2 will coming out so i will be playing it day one 

      and mostly spending time out side anime as many of recent ones aren't all that exciting for me 

      and if you want to chat Private message me as i would love to talk aside from anime anything else


    2. dantek


      im good too lol busy lately i check randomly from time to time here

      and yeh im doing fine

      nice to hear from you btw

      hope u doing fine bro


  2. happily followed back :D

  3. I would happy follow you :D

  4. so what is difference between these two description 

    First one is correct 



    while mine one is incorrect 


    guys to give you guys some context these two are from GUNDAM ORIGIN First example is from 05 bdmv and second one from GUNDAM ORIGIN 01 BDMV

     FIRST EXAMPLE IS "CORRECT" for HD-Torrents standard

    but mine version is incorrect i am confused 


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    2. emjay911


      ask them how to get the subtitle info

      ask them if everything is ok

    3. 21century


      oh ok i will try but helpdesk isn't very helpful last few times when i did ask

       hopeful this time they will have useful information :D


    4. 21century


      i wrote in english hopeful they understand my request for help

  5. ok guys if any of you knew how to increase seeding ratio on private trackers 

    plz do tell :$

    any or all forms of solution and if i don't responded then that means i am sleeping -_-


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    2. 21century


      yes man @emjay911 just saved me for this huge problem 

      i will slow download stuff from private trackers 

      becuz of cost associated with it :D

    3. 21century


      thanks @DJATOM  for your advice i couldn't believe you responded to my question thanks :D

      for now i am seeding Gundam Origin First 02 ovas and my hope is to save myself by seeding those two torrents they are huge and effective for this situation 

    4. 21century


      already 1/7 of my leeching ratio is gone i hope by todays entire day seeding i can save myself from ban on that private tracker

      Thank you guys @emjay911 already saved me again with his superpower :D

  6. how do you even set public message on your profile :S

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    2. Scyrous


      Username > Account Settings > Edit Profile > Enable status updates? > Yes.

      Here's some images to make it easier for you @21century.

    3. 21century


      thank you i final can update if there is any need for it thank you both @monsieurcooler and @Scyrous:D

    4. monsieurcooler


      I never knew this had to be enabled.

  7. 21century

    21century's Downloads Index

    Yes i might get one but i will have slow down alittle for now in my future releases i will plan on uploading entire Gurren lagann bdmv collection, Fullmetal Alchemist BDMV , and Shigatsu BDMV but that might take month or so to finished
  8. Thanks will use Breatice Raw and add one Japanese audio from one of these options, two Eng Dub version and use Subtitles from [LLW] and [lleur] versions which do you think is better here is a Sub Info from [LLW] version And here is [lleur] Sub info
  9. Ok guys i am having small issue deciding which audio to chose or whether use both of them plz tell me whether these audio are one in a same or different and which one would you prefer for REMUX BD release Thanks First Audio Info Second Audio Info Any form of input in this matter would be appreciated As these are audio for 5 Centimeters per second
  10. 21century

    help audio syncing issue

    thank you man you guys are very helpful and i am being to like this community
  11. 21century

    help audio syncing issue

    thanks for the tip i will do what you said thanks and when audio is synced then i will upload audio solo on mega
  12. 21century

    Catar's First Novel

    no i don't think First one need a re write you just need more polish
  13. 21century

    help audio syncing issue

    yeah i almost did that but i cant measure 1750 seconds delay on that software
  14. 21century

    Catar's First Novel

    how much time did you spend on writing this book just curious
  15. 21century

    help audio syncing issue

    my idea does share same principles but i cant determine length how much time to cut