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  1. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    For me, the "decrypted_path" has 600GB of free space which is pretty enough IMO... unless you mean I have to clean up my C drive. I believe @Data Rocks is using a modified version which changes the default behaviour from decrypt to decrypt & decode. BTW I can't even decrypt audio? The program stucks for a while and then "bad_alloc" error (probably caused by https://github.com/x-hgg-x/video_decrypter/issues/10), unlike video which prompts the error immediately. The output file is unplayable.
  2. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Kodi 18 works with Amazon. Yep, not the stable release.
  3. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Nobody said it's an Amazon Video Downloader. "Dragon Quest X: All in One Package" You can download this purchase again at PC software / Game Download Library. If you need help please refer to the help page. Please send your suggestion here.
  4. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I don't know if Hulu still works (my subscription has expired), but here it is. No "Decode video" required when I try this. Note that you have to edit settings for EACH playback. Make sure you refresh the page after you switch to another video. When sniffing URLs you should get both two of the following: https://manifest.hulustream.com/dash/<example>.mpd?user_id=<User Id in Hulu settings>&language=en&region=US&version=1&device=<Device in Hulu settings>&cdn=<Cdn in Hulu settings>&auth=<Auth in Hulu settings> https://license.hulu.com/dash_wv_license/content/<example>/<License token in Hulu settings>?region=US Just copy & paste them to the corresponding place. Video ID is from the URL of the page. https://www.hulu.com/watch/<Video ID> There might be no advantage from a programming perspective, but at least it is a download method for me. Also, I think we can decrypt the audio anyway? (I'm unsure whether the audio would also be decoded before it leaves widevine)
  5. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Some time ago the whole URL of request looks like this: https://atv-ps.amazon.com/cdp/catalog/GetPlaybackResources?asin=<example>&consumptionType=Streaming&desiredResources=AudioVideoUrls%2CCatalogMetadata%2CForcedNarratives%2CSubtitlePresets%2CSubtitleUrls%2CTransitionTimecodes%2CTrickplayUrls%2CCuepointPlaylist%2CXRayMetadata%2CPlaybackSettings&deviceID=<example>&deviceTypeID=<example>&firmware=1&gascEnabled=false&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&resourceUsage=CacheResources&userWatchSessionId=<example>&videoMaterialType=Feature&operatingSystemName=Windows&operatingSystemVersion=<example>&deviceDrmOverride=CENC&deviceStreamingTechnologyOverride=DASH&deviceProtocolOverride=Https&supportedDRMKeyScheme=DUAL_KEY&deviceBitrateAdaptationsOverride=CVBR%2CCBR&titleDecorationScheme=primary-content&subtitleFormat=TTMLv2&languageFeature=MLFv2&xrayDeviceClass=normal&xrayPlaybackMode=playback&xrayToken=NEUTRON&playbackSettingsFormatVersion=1.0.0&customerID=<example>&token=<example> This was where you get your customerID and token. You can still see this URL in your debugging tool of your browser without the customerID and token part, since Amazon now uses cookie to identify you instead.
  6. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    "when it still works", so not currently. But still Kodi has to get the decoded video data during playback right? So why not just dump that data into a raw file, that's exactly "Decode video" of WVDownloader. I mean, I just hate screen recording, I'd rather do encodes based on raw files if possible.
  7. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Yes, and with WVDownloader v1.9.2 when it still works. That's how WVDownloader works after wvstream is dead and before WVDownloader itself dies completely. Here's an example mpd file from Amazon: https://s3.lvlt.dash.us.aiv-cdn.net/d/2$_gewldVtCOEogEao0c-Pl_rdRpI~/prod/3a61/6578/16d4/4160-8c2e-e7c56c8f098a/8ffeacdb-65d2-47c7-b1ad-b8ecfe82754c_corrected.mpd The "BaseURL" is there, so anyone can download an encrypted file easily like this: https://s3.lvlt.dash.us.aiv-cdn.net/d/2$_gewldVtCOEogEao0c-Pl_rdRpI~/prod/3a61/6578/16d4/4160-8c2e-e7c56c8f098a/8ffeacdb-65d2-47c7-b1ad-b8ecfe82754c_video_15.mp4
  8. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Any coders still interested in adapting Kodi's solution? Encoding 150GiB RAW file is still kind of acceptable to me, or at least getting audio only... (since there are some Japanese dubs on Amazon JP that I'd like to download) It's better than recording via OBS anyway Downloading encrypted video file is pretty easy as long as you found the mpd manifest file.
  9. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    AFAIK Amazon now only accepts cookie as the authorization method instead of customerID & token as query strings. At least this applies to desktop users, I don't know how game consoles work.
  10. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Not quite sure about this, IIRC wvstream was released in 2016 but this thread is from 2017. Anyway I'm still interested, maybe I should compare this with Kodi's solution
  11. szescxz

    FLCL Progressive

    In fact Japan is going to have a theatrical release in September. November is for subbed version in US.
  12. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Yes, since WVDownloader still uses the old interface which would never generate a challenge payload Amazon accepts. If things are really that easy, someone must have figured that out already.
  13. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    If you mean the existing version of wvstream, and you are trying to play with Amazon's stream: Since wvstream does NOT support "decrypt & decode" policy, it can't do anything with most of Amazon's streams. Only a very few show (mostly old ones) on Amazon still allows "decrypt only", at least this was the case when I was doing AMZN.WEB-DL of Long Live the Royals. Plus, wvstream is using an old version of widevine library, so Amazon license servers will reject any challenge wvstream generates (this is NOT a cookie problem). You can't fix this by simply replacing files: interfaces should have changed a lot since then. If you are testing with other services, I don't know.
  14. szescxz

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    wvstream is actually open sourced previously as an old Kodi backend, you should still be able to find a copy on GitHub instead of reversing the code (unless you mean WVDownloader). IIRC, all Amazon streams now enforces a DRM policy called "decrypt and decode", which means widevine only outputs decoded raw video data instead of H.264. This explains why the leaked version of WVDownloader still worked for a while (with the "Decode Video" option enabled, neither wvstream nor Kodi 17 support this policy), and the Kodi way is open sourced here: https://github.com/peak3d/inputstream.adaptive/tree/master/wvdecrypter That said, since Kodi works fine with this DRM policy, Kodi developers are probably not going to work on a full decryption, so WEB-DL may not be possible with Kodi; but still, at least to me, a proper encoded WEBRip already means a lot, and it's actually possible with the current Kodi code (in theory I think?) I'm still too far away from fully understanding dozen lines of C++ codes, so...
  15. szescxz

    VRV exclusives

    Again, thanks to @Moki