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  1. Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    There's a series of new Gumball shorts up on CN's site entitled "Waiting for Gumball . " They were uploaded earlier today and so far no one else has ripped them. I can presume you're able to obtain them like you have with previous Gumball episodes.
  2. Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    Gumball's "The News" is airing on Cartoon Network's UK feed at 5PM on Sunday. Its repeating on Monday and Thursday too, though I'm not sure when. Are you able to record this episode?
  3. Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    Will the Uncle Grandpa episodes get ripped?
  4. Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    A Gumball episode that hasn't aired anywhere else yet is premiering in France on May 2 at 18:30. Said episode is "The News". Is it possible for you to record it like you have with other episodes in the past?
  5. Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Been watching Ren and Stimpy. It's pretty good.