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  1. Haha. No problem. Glad to help.
  2. Sorry it took a while.... Here are the specials: Rurouni Kenshin Specials (after Ep 44) Rurouni Kenshin Specials (after Ep56) My VHS tapes were in a bad way when I decided to copy them out (about 11 years back)....so forgive the quality. Reencoded and clean the audio. My original rips have high pitch hums on them. Enjoy!
  3. I got them. Very old mpeg1 240p hardsub. It's from old sub group where we 'donate' and they send in vhs in mail. But that vhs is totally destroyed (22 years old vhs). Now the only copy I have is the copy of vhs I made but save at digital low resolution (only mpeg1 exist at that time) but I did try remastering it to an acceptable quality. I am currently away and my files at home. Will upload both if you can wait until Sept 10th. The 1st special is very funny. Cheers.
  4. Winx club Season 1

    480p WEB-DL Version Link Thank you original uploaderisaias025
  5. Hello

    Hi Just registered. Will try to contribute and share. So, thank you all for sharing... Anyway, have a good day all of you