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  1. Everything on my end seems fine! Great job to the Admins/Staff and everyone else involved.
  2. Well, thats Hollywood for you guys, "Lets take a classic movie and completely destroy it!" So who is going to play young Morpheus ? Vin Diesel or Ben Afleck ? Oh even better, we need a Matrix thats more feminist. Morpheus is going to be played by Madonna.
  3. I most likely will be on IRC with you guys. I usually am on there.
  4. Want a min here! Do you mean for 2 hours I have to actually go do something else in life other then Kametsu? I feel lost! What am I going to do? Wait, never mind..... 2 hours I can spend on actually going outside and pulling some weeds. Thanks a lot Just having fun, but on the real, anything to make this place even better I'm all for it!
  5. Inspector Gadget Mega Set 12 Disc ISO's are UP !
  6. Yes it is, I got my discs today and I'm in process of making the ISO's. Its 12 discs so it might take a bit. These are the US Inspector Gadget Mega Set.
  7. I should have the discs in a week or so, then plus time to upload. But this is my next upload for sure.
  8. ISO's of this show are next in line from me. Stay tuned.
  9. I got no idea what its from, ran into this gif, liked how she shakes her ass. Added a few things to it to make it to what u see now.
  10. I have been using Mipony for Mac, Ive downloaded 95 gigs from mega yesterday. http://www.mipony.net
  11. I win, can I have that $9000 as a gift card for casual encounters on craigslist?
  12. Wow, I guess my eyes aint what they use to be, but I dont see a difference at all from the 2.
  13. Any League of Legends players here? So this might or might not be your lucky day? So I found a $25.00 card today with a unscratched pin, i know that it has to be activated at a register for it to work. So i got no idea if it was activated or not so it could work or it could not work too. Anyone want to try the pin code and maybe get lucky before i trash it? 1st pm I get, gets to try.
  14. Just to let everyone know here, probably should have done it sooner but that link does not contain the complete seasons. When i extracted it a few discs are missing.
  15. I was actually able to hunt down where these links came from. @dantek Ill pm you the pass. Not sure if its appropriate to post it directly on here.