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  1. Im using PIA, easy to use and decent speeds. Mipony ? So what I've been doing is using a VPN with Mipony for Mac. When the bandwidth limit is reached in Mipony, I close the program, use my vpn to connect to a new IP. Open Mipony up again and it resumes the DL.
  2. I know this aint a free fix but.... Use a VPN to bypass the DL limit. I think its the only solution available as of now.
  3. The person above me wears a mask and tight spandex, bdsm when he's not fighting crime?
  4. I use mp4tools
  5. File host is the method I use as of right now. Ive used XDCC one time to download. Im not quite sure how the uploading part of it works so I have not really tried to find that answer as of yet. I don't bother with torrents
  6. x-men

    @ThePJzer @kinglir28 I guess ill jump in here for a second. I was able to grab the German KSM TMNT set and that upload is in my plans for the future. Also I own the PAL version of Thundercats which is also in my plan to upload. As far as silverhawks I am waiting for my official discs to arrive. I am working on a upload right now thats pretty big so its going to take some time before I get to those other 3 cartoons. But I am sure the both of you and others are going to love it.
  7. I already did. "Request area" Cant help you on that, I don't watch anime.
  8. I see you just joined and you figured out your avatar and banner. If you have a request, you should post it in the request zone. This area is not for requests.
  9. Everything on my end seems fine! Great job to the Admins/Staff and everyone else involved.
  10. Well, thats Hollywood for you guys, "Lets take a classic movie and completely destroy it!" So who is going to play young Morpheus ? Vin Diesel or Ben Afleck ? Oh even better, we need a Matrix thats more feminist. Morpheus is going to be played by Madonna.
  11. I most likely will be on IRC with you guys. I usually am on there.
  12. Want a min here! Do you mean for 2 hours I have to actually go do something else in life other then Kametsu? I feel lost! What am I going to do? Wait, never mind..... 2 hours I can spend on actually going outside and pulling some weeds. Thanks a lot Just having fun, but on the real, anything to make this place even better I'm all for it!
  13. Inspector Gadget Mega Set 12 Disc ISO's are UP !
  14. Yes it is, I got my discs today and I'm in process of making the ISO's. Its 12 discs so it might take a bit. These are the US Inspector Gadget Mega Set.
  15. I should have the discs in a week or so, then plus time to upload. But this is my next upload for sure.