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  1. I was told it's going to be released for halloween
  2. Well if it's not Toy.Story.of.Terror.2013.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi it may still be worth uploading that's up to you
  3. There may or may not already have been plans to have this uploaded
  4. Really? You???
  5. Wake up every night for the last 5 nights in a pool of my own sweat covered in rashes cuz this piece of shit father of mine turns the heat on every night. I swear to god if this happens one more time I'm beating him bloody. Motherfucker knows I have a skin condition and could care less
  6. But when will the US start airing some weird ass Japanese-esque game shows???
  7. So did this "friend" of yours even ship Batman and Harley Quinn to you? I told you he sounded shady

  9. So that's how they keep the pimp hand strong
  10. Ahh yes human nature at it's finest. I laugh till I'm red in the face every time politicians think they can stop people from obtaining guns and drugs by making them illegal. Same for piracy law, even if you get caught you're not gonna stop, you're just gonna find out how to continue without getting caught again. Same for everything lol.
  11. All my friends just roasted me for like 40 minutes over being garbage and not realizing it, goes to show how stupid they all are, I literally opened with "Ik I'm being an asshole and I don't care I'm within the law this is my livelihood and the other neighbors who harassed me ruined it for everyone"
  12. Why can't my neighbors just leave me the fuck alone, parasites

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    2. DabDeity710


      I actually spelled it as parasyte at first and went y tf does it have the red line representing a misspelling at first:haha:

    3. Nabull


      What happened now? 

    4. DabDeity710


      I'll tell u in discord so I can just copy and paste

  13. When I move I'm finding whatever major real estate review site there is and posting all over it about how shitty every single neighbor here is, cuz if people knew this block what have absolutely garbage property value like it deserves. My landlord fucking swindled me
  14. 9-10 ain't disturbing the piece, suck my legally compliant cock. Maybe he should fund my move if he feels that way, that way he won't have to deal with the shit at any hour