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  1. Finally got around to Zootopia, soooooooooooooo good
  2. Tom & Jerry for sure it's not even close. I didn't see Looney Tunes till I was 17 which is simply fucked up that a kid in America can go 17 years without ever being exposed to Looney Tunes, not Space Jam, not Tiny Toons (not that Tiny Toons isn't great stuff), none of these crappy reboots not worth naming (well, Wabbit's decent), the REAL Looney Tunes. Ever since seeing it for the first time it's been my absolute favorite but Tom & Jerry's definitely still right up there.
  3. Get Out, my new favorite horror movie
  4. Always there to cheer me upif only I could have your outlook on life
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice/inspiring words, I'm sorry I'm such a needy fuck up
  6. Definitely would, every time I try to get one it doesn't work out but I'm probably not looking hard enough either
  7. I need new real life friends, most of them are fucking dirtbags
  8. Things calmed down but I still pissed off. I'm getting sick of waiting. The 2 most frustrating things in the world for me are uncertainty and waiting, except for when it comes to Kametsu releases there's already way too much shit on here to possibly watch
  9. He takes a swing at me and misses, tries to feed me butter that's so full of ash from not cleaning the shit he cooks with it's literally more black than yellow, has an argument with me over it, screams at me all the kitchen shit is clean as can be, leaves the house texts me to "run now, run away as far as you can" and I'm the fucking bad guy? Yea right, I'm not fucking going anywhere. You want me out of the house? Go ahead and call the cops on me again and see if they don't try to take you away instead of forcing me out of the house like last time loser, cuz I ain't leaving unless it's by force and you don't have the physical ability to drag me out. You know I wouldn't have a problem with you screaming at me "YOU FUCKING CLEAN IT THEN" if you asked BEFORE you feed me tainted food that made me sick to my stomach. It's bad enough you can't be straight with me concerning my fucking doctors. It wouldn't be so aggravating there was a single family member in my life who'd treat me like a human being and if they all didn't sabotage my development to the point where I can't stand on my own 2 feet and support myself so I can get away from all this garbage. God why can't I find it in myself to develop the means to support myself am I that much of a child?
  10. Another week of not seeing a single doctor despite being told I had appointments scheduled with my physician, a dermatologist, a shrink and a nose doctor. I didn't even see my chiropractor this week. Thanks dad. If you're gonna be so god damn negligent maybe you should teach me how to fucking drive like I've been begging for 4 years so I can make the appointments myself cuz you obvious have no intention of taking me no matter how detrimental not doing so is to my health it's ridiculous that I'm the only 20 year old other than Phoenix Wright in the entire world who can't drive. Does this fucking guy have to see me breathing out of an oxygen tank before he starts to give a shit? It's this kind of negligence that had me snorting shit I shouldn't have in the first place
  11. Nothing like +115dB in the morning, I'm the worst:P

  12. Philosophy Raws Basilisk was pixelated af cuz the source bd was a super shitty upscale, that being said it's the best Basilisk release I'm aware of. Plus I'm wondering if I'm better off with a DVD rip cuz there's no way I should have to dedicate 40gb to something that looks that bad. Good to hear this version is much better than leopard's not that I didn't expect it to be but confirmation's always nice
  13. As bad as all of the 1080p versions are I thought the Leopard-Raws one was probably the best I've seen, you should follow the thread Catar linked above this post tho as Claymore will finally get a proper release *fangirls* now if only Basilisk had a watchable release
  14. I'll just hang on for dear life like Kevin Hart's grandpa falling Damn when did the Vent Thread become the Comedy ThreadThat's probably a better approach tho
  15. Damn out of red bull time to deal with this hangover like a man (by sitting while peeing)