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  1. Great taste in tv
  2. are you me in 4 years? bout time I found both a fellow raver and mma fan, haven't found one of either in all of my time here
  3. y r u so awesome???
  4. Dude wtf that's one serious collection I'm so jelly, you even have a fucking cabinet my god. I've been meaning to get a silent scope cabinet but idk where to go to get one in NY, maybe I can find a warehouse in NJ or Connecticut they have a few of them there. I have a Sega Saturn (which is older than I am lmao), ps1 (used to have the screen for it and the car adaptor too for portable gaming, man I miss that shit. NBA on NBC and Crash/Spyro like a mofo since if you buy them off the ps sore and put them on psp the screen is so small way too inadequate for me. ps2 ofc. Wii. Ps3. Used to have a 3ds but sold itI was the pokemon god too I would've schooled EVERYONE on this forum I promise you, first off if you play pokemon online play doubles, wayyyyy more strategic takes wayyy more skill, singles is for bums. I still have event cartridges too so if I ever got the game again I could easily get my team back with the perfect IV levels/nature and all that crap through trades since event pokemon are so fucking valuable in trades and there's so many "clones" of the ones I want (cloning glitch is a trading method, look it up). I want ps4 and Wii U but I can't afford either. Used to have a sega genesis/sega cd/32x too but I sold it, in fact I might still have the sega cd since I couldn't sell it but without the genesis it's useless. Ihad 2 gameboy sp when I was a little kid but I sold those maaaad long ago. Also has xbox 360 back in the day that was my main console in generation 7 (sold that too obv). Used to have hori flightstick 3 for my ps3 but it brokeI'll have to get a new one off of ebay so I can wreck the entire Ace Combat Infinity online world like the old days. Also got a logitech racing wheel for ps2. I have a flight stick for my saturn too. I have a psp just sitting somewhere collecting dust too lol. I used to have a vita as well but I sold it since I never played it
  5. I'm not a playa I jus crush a lot. No seriously, you should see how much red bull I crush per day
  6. I used to get yify torrents look before I knew about quality, raising the seed count for them/taking away from the seed counts for the high bitrate encodes of the same content/discouraging people from getting said high bitrate encodes. Actually that's not insignificant, I take high bitrate piracy VERY seriously Favorite generation of video game consoles? (for example Wii U/PS4/Xbox One is 8th generation)
  7. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe on ps2
  8. The person above me doesn't know that I was also in Fantasia although as the Sorcerer's Apprentice I did not look nearly as devious as he did
  9. Yea I understand, but nah idk why it is says that in the description You can't change the bands for the EQs. The low, mid and high knobs have set bands
  10. Nope, the bands for each eq knob are preset like every mixer and can't be adjusted like they can on a parametric eq
  11. Employed* (technically I'm not employed YET but I know I'm getting hired there's no wayyyy I don't I'm wayyy too good at the job) Let me throw cocky up there too Damn I forgot sweetheart too
  12. Hey looks like I'm not the only one on Kametsu
  13. Wish granted, but said releases of Fantasia are released with more DNR damage than the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVDs(aren't I the worst?) I wish Elements Music and Art Festival was held on a weekly basis until my death (with every show being in the same location as the first ofc, NY fucking C)