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  1. Official Vent Thread

    It's thanksgiving day and the only thing I have to be thankful for is a few super close online friends, weed waffles and a bottle of vodka. No family, no irl friends worth mentioning, no job, no source of income, no education, no future, no relationship, no car, no driver's license even, no home of my own I'm stuck under the roof of one of the shittiest people I've ever had the displeasure of having in my life and a $6000 debt. I don't even have a thanksgiving dinner tn. Then my asshole dad says I don't have a right to be upset. Fuck you dad you don't even have the right to be outside of a prison cell after everything you've done to me, but you are. He's not even thankful for that fact ungrateful piece of garbage. Well not only that but I can't even be thankful for being healthy cuz my health is so fucked at this point. At least I'm alive and conscious, that's something to be thankful.
  2. Why Do We Want to Bypass DRM From iTunes Videos?

    If your worried about legality then you really shouldn't be supporting a company that uses drm. Vimeo doesn't, bandcamp doesn't. If you sell drm protected products you deserve to be stolen from.
  3. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Gran Torino, made me cry just as hard as it did when I saw it in theaters
  4. Official Vent Thread

    And here was thinking I'd let it all go, not anymore, I've given this guy more chances than he's given me stress throughout my life and I'm done. If he got on his hands and knees and begged for forgiveness it wouldn't be enough at this point.
  5. Official Vent Thread

    Woofer blew AGAIN WHILE IT WASN'T EVEN ON I'm seriously gonna fucking kill somebody if they don't have a replacement within 20 miles this is disgusting how is Guitar Center even IN BUSINESS operating like this?
  6. Official Vent Thread

    Everyday I feel like garbage. My nose is so fucked at this point I feel sick as a dog even when I'm not, and when I'm actually sick which I seem much more susceptible to being now it's pure fucking hell because of my nose
  7. Attention Laserdisc and VHS Rippers

    Ask for an invite in the help thread or something you're bound to get one eventually that's how I got mine lol
  8. Attention Laserdisc and VHS Rippers

    For now if your on myspleen theres The Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies HQ Project which has all the shorts ever even the crappy Buddy cartoons from 1933-1934. As far as quality goes the BD rips could be better but the dvdrips and laserdisc rips from it are pretty good for what they are. The tvrips usually suck tho, also any cartoon that was originally black and white and has the colorized version in the torrent looks like shit if it's the hand drawn colorizations, and the computerized colorizations from the 90s are all tvrips so. One of these days I'll have to make an effort to move stuff into one singular LT folder to replace the LT/MM hq project as tedious as that is. Actually the bdrips on that torrent from this bd disc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Looney_Tunes_Mouse_Chronicles:_The_Chuck_Jones_Collection are the highest quality obtainable I believe but others (so ones from the Platinum Collection) are 720p in that torrent I think you could get 1080p rips that are better or you could even get the remuxes of the Platinum Collection which is obv best if you have the storage space (I also believe the first 2 volumes of the platinum collection remuxes are on here)
  9. Random Talk.

    The other night when my dad watched Jeopardy one of the answers was AoT
  10. Attention Laserdisc and VHS Rippers

    The Golden Age Collection I'm sorry, but yes that's a laserdisc set
  11. Random Talk.

    Who's to determine what is and isn't random talk
  12. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    30 Minutes or Less
  13. Reactions are finally here.

    Stop lying what you really want is a smiling hatsune miku face for the "like" recation
  14. Official Vent Thread

    I would've been better off if this dirtbag abandoned me at birth and that's considering my mom is pure garbage
  15. Official Vent Thread

    I've never been so sick in my entire life, a stuffy nose with my nasal problems feels like a full on disease, thanks dad