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  1. Either pokemon or Yugioh, not sure which one I saw first
  2. Most likely, probably gonna be a lot of Spider Man too
  3. Like a lucid dream? Nah, I wish I have. Did you try to lucid dream or did it just naturally happen? I've tried before but it didn't work. You have to lie down in a way where your whole body falls asleep but your brain is still conscious. I've had some incredibly vivid dreams before but nothing where I've had control, if I've ever had control in a dream before it was very little. Have you ever cut class?
  4. Mega switched me to a pro lite account for no reason when I should have pro they charged me for a pro account 2 weeks ago so wtf even there was a reason to switch me to pro lite I should still have pro for 2 more weeks
  5. Like sniffing it out? No, but I have smelled my own farts. Better than not being self-aware, something I wasn't at all until after high school lol. Have you ever thrown up at a party or someone else's house?
  6. Well you do have donor status, and I have been providing Raven with stuff here and there from the shadows although since he's the one posting it I wouldn't be getting any likes from it so we're not compete freeloaders. However the amount of likes I've received this week are shrouded in mystery
  7. My dad just completely fucked my mood up by doing some shit he went out of his way to do for no reason at all which is a real fucking shame cuz we've actually been getting along pretty good for the past 2 weeks or so.
  8. Who told you about that drawer?
  9. Found it, in my dresser of all places shit threw me for a loop
  10. I had a long night and I jus woke lmfao I don't fucking kno where that is
  11. Can't find my phoneshit's driving me nuts
  12. Haven't seen Stein;gate but I hear it's supposed to be one of the best animes around. Death Note was phenomenal. Pyscho-Pass and Ghost in the Shell are excellent. Akira too one of my all time favorites
  13. Not smoking's been the same with us since we were 14-15 and we too are constantly broke, I honestly could've bought 2-3 cars with the amount I've spent on drugs and weed and liquor in my lifetime and I'm only 20, nice ones too. My weed dealing friend sells more than 20x what he smokes so he's always got mad money lucky bitch
  14. You definitely don't. I'm the craziest guy at a party and while it's usually cuz I'm the most fucked up it's cuz of my personality. When my friends take drugs (they're not drug people like I am merely heavy stoners/drinkers who dabble with psychedelics) they're crazy chill but I'm crazy hyper so when I take drugs cuz stuff like psychs intensify your personalty you're gonna be how you normally act just an extreme version. I'm crazy hyper no matter what, even when I take heavy sedatives I'm still the biggest live wire going. The designated driver is a godsend. A lot of my friends are very skilled intoxicated drivers tho. For example me and my friend did acid ln and he drove us twice. You woudn't have even known he was tripping till halfway thru he started saying shit like "dude these roads look nothin like roads all the lanes are intertwining and overlapping and shit."If he wasn't driving so perfectly that woulda scared me to death hearing him say that. He's driven me around on heavy amounts of xanax before too no problem. Idk how he does it. I don't even know how to drive so I couldn't even drive sober. I said a lot of my friends are skilled intoxicated drivers but only he can do that they can only drive stoned they can't drive on drugs on not even he can drive drunk let alone them.