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  2. I am ONE busted woofer away from switching brandsthis is fucking insane that I'm not even halfway to the volume it's supposed to take to pop the woofer and it pops every fucking time within 40 days sometimes within 10
  3. to look unbearably handsome
  4. @Nabull finally acknowledged me as Batman, it's about fucking time
  5. That's funny cuz I overheard some of tonight's Jeopardy questions (seemingly my dad's favorite show lol) and all I could think was wow such terrible questions. Final jeopardy was so easy all 3 of them got it in less than 5 seconds even my dad got it instantly who never gets any of them right
  6. fangirl like scream for
  7. Yo who tf remembers the legendary Elf Bowling?
  8. The fact that my dad still has absolutely no idea how badly he's alienated me by flat out not giving a fuck about me at all is both disgusting and incredibly sad, but guess who suffers as a result of such incompetence? Not the clueless mofo who deserves it
  9. Actually ik for a fact they're good friends me, them, Ren & Stimpy and the Red Guy meet for our weekly lunch every thursday while we plan our upcoming schemes
  10. I've always thought of Tom Nook and Sir Topham Hatt as some sort of kingpins (Tom Nook a mafia loan shark and Mr. Top Hatt as a slave owner/trafficker, I mean seriously you ever see how he treats those trains after growing up?), I bet they would make good friendsmaybe adult swim should hop on that slave owner idea for Topham Hatt, at least a robot chicken sketch or something Also with this new Animal Crossing mobile game there's gonna be hella car accidents by people trying to pay off their debt to Tom Nook at the wheel
  11. Am I the only one noticing that all the high bitrate stuff on public trackers got DMCA'd? ALl of FGT's encodes from before 2016 are GONE

    1. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      Well, some sites are still super reliable^_^^_^

    2. Koby


      Speaking of server fees, in the past 3 months, we've not even had enough donations to cover one month, so funds are definitely dwindling down...

    3. Dab is a Cunt
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  12. A good night sleep will do a hell of a lot for you shit
  13. H W accusation is suspect af. You were photographed while he touched you inappropriately twice but theres no pictures of it? Also you delete your post concerning the accusation without giving a reason as to why? Soon successful people are gonna start being accused of sexual assault just for glancing at women. Scary time to be a man. Soon these women are gonna wonder why nobody flirts with them and start bitching about their self confidence. It's sick that so many women out there are using these real sexual assault cases to blackmail people with lies. It's not just a spit in the face to men, it's an even bigger spit in the face to those who were actually sexually assaulted. What would Phoenix Wright say over the lack of evidence we're ruining people over nowadays. Why can't we wait till real evidence surfaces to dehumanize these mofos? Your innocent till proven guilty but they're not? Why? And yea, I say this every time a suspect accusation surfaces and a bunch of them do turn out to be more than accusations, but you couldn't wait for all the facts to surface before pouncing on the mofos? How would you feel if you were falsely accused and everyone dehumanized you? Doesn't feel good. I've been on both sides. I've been inappropriately touched by family as a child I've been falsely accused of stalking in high school by some fucking lying cunt, and lemme tell you false accusers aren't far off from being as big of scum as those who sexually assault. Imagine if a false accuser was exposed while surrounded by real victims? I'd slap em tf up
  14. Half the songs I dl are getting corrupted towards the last minute upon dl and idk why, at first I thought it was the website I was using since legitimate purchases and file hosting site for RARs and ZIPs and zippyshare didn't do that to the songs, but now zippyshare is doing it to half the DLs I get off there too wtf. Like with 30 seconds to a minute left it'll skip to the next song as if it's over
  15. wonder if ppl look at me and go wow Phoenix Wright'll get a drivers license before that kid
  16. All or nothing career, not the way to go...
  17. Wish finding my happy place was as easy as it was when I was 8. Those where the days. Nobody tells you how much growing up sucks, they even want you to look forward to it. Pffft.

    1. spaceman99


      Amen! They lie to you about all those things you can be when you grow up, never tell the truth. As a kid you never really savor the moment because you don't think it'll end, then it does and you wish you could go back, have the imagination and innocence you had, little worries. Have all your toys!

      It's funny, too. All the people you knew as kids grew up to either be jerks or snobs. Very few stay the you remember them.

    2. emjay911


      You have no idea bro.

      Brace yourself for a lot more grown-up stuff ... Responsibility!

  18. If you like your parents, let them know every chance you get. Not everyone is blessed with adequate parents. Hell anyone in your family whom having a relationship with is worthwhile, let them know.
  19. Can't even tell me why he had me. Unforgivable. Something that requires virtually no effort is too much effort when it comes to me. It was obvious this motherfucker never had any intention of taking care of me so why the fuck did he even have me? Really wish he'd just disappear. Would really be worth fending for myself when I'm completely incapable thanks to his parenting.
  20. I really think I would have been better off if this douchebag abandoned me at birth
  21. My mom might be the biggest piece of shit to ever live but quite honestly she was better to me than my dad is and that's plain sad
  22. He won't do anything for matter, useless mofo. All he does is bitch and complain, I should be the one bitching and complaining having to put up with his shit
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