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  1. If you have a kid for the fucking love of god take responsibility for it before he ends up a lowlife like me

    1. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      He/she* this motherfucker has me so pissed off I can't even think straight

    2. Inverti




      Gender neutral pronouns exist for a reason, you know.

    3. Nabull


      Not all end up as burnouts. My parents are very lenient. 

      The most important factor is the kid's friend circle 

  2. If only his father could see him now
  3. Gonna miss 2 raves in these next 7 days cuz my dad won't drive me. FUCK YOU. "It takes a lot out of me to drive 3 hours back and forth" Is that your excuse for ever having taught me how to drive? You know who would go through all 4 car rides? ME, IF I COULD FUCKING DRIVE seriously until you plan on actually helping me with my medical conditions and to move forward in life instead of forcing me to live the life of a 14 year old shut in go crawl in a hole and fucking die I promise you you won't be missed by ANYONE. The old you is missed very much, seeing as how I haven't seen him in years. Nobody could care less for who you are now.
  4. it was contaminated with
  5. Jack Links monthly shipment (yea you can actually have beef jerky delivered to your doorstep, crazy world we live in)
  6. proclaiming "FUCK BRADLEY COOPER!"
  7. hospital staff watching he
  8. he noticed the nurse's
  9. There was a time when like half the vent thread wasn't even venting most of the time it was more like random talk
  10. Why's my dad gotta lie for no fucking reason at all? I ask him where the toothpicks are and he says check the junk draw and when they're not in there he says "then they're downstairs." Just be honest and say there are none if there were toothpicks downstairs would I be coming upstairs from downstairs to ask you where they are?
  11. 100% *prays for self* For me, it's horses. If your car breaks down a dog ain't getting you anywhere. There's a reason they hung horse thieves before cars, your literally stealing that person's life you just forced them into a hikikomori's lifestyle. "Yea uhhh, these guys are trying to steal me and uh...NO SIR, I don't like it"
  12. Exactly how I feel about not having my mom in my life
  13. 9/10 movies are already based on something else tho (whether a book or tv show or comic or stage play or irl event or whatever). What's really sad is that they just want to lift the characters from these already established ideas and create their own original shitstorm wit them. Look at all the recent DC movies, yuck. At least Wonder Woman was a sign of life but everything else? How tf do you ruin Dark Knight returns? By taking the concept of Batman and Superman fighting and making it the whole movie nd ignoring the entirety of the actual story that's how At least this dude knows the only possible Neo is REEVES
  14. minutes he considered wasted
  15. Don't do drugs kids, you might try to flush an empty tube of toothpaste like a dumbass, and unlike mine your toilet probably isn't powerful enough to successfully flush it
  16. My dad was cool for one day just to go back to being the biggest asshole on earth, and he was almost a bigger asshole on that one day than he ever was
  17. Pretty amazing how my dad doesn't take shit from anybody when it comes to his his needs yet when someone fucks with me he just sits there and says "there's nothing either of us can do" like a bitch and accepts it and expects me to do the fucking same. Fuck him
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