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  1. when you start dabbing heavily again after months of not doing so
  2. You forgot the part where you did something Nick is wayyy too cheap and lazy to do for Avatar
  3. effect on his mother's
  4. Yea, Disney's style was a lot more "formulaic" in terms of animation compared to other cartoons of the time (I'll say 30s-50s that's what I consider the golden age). Looney Tunes loved going "off-model" I think it's a disgrace that so many of these so called "artists" in the industry consider that an animation error god forbid you have a unique frame that doesn't just copy and paste the same pose over 20 different frames. Ren & Stimpy too, hell John K encouraged his cartoonists to do so even the subcontracted animators overseas cuz he'd actually go to said overseas studios with a translator and overlook everything instead of going "here's the key animation finish it with absolutely zero communication from us who formed the basis of what your working on" like every single other tv cartoon ever made does. At least Disney didn't copy and paste different heads onto the same 4-5 bodies for every single character in the 40s like all of the post 60s-70s stuff Disney didAt least they had proper composition/color contrast/line of action instead of 5 poses totally unrelated to each other that look like they were all drawn separately being pasted onto the same frame looking sort of like a mess (like Samurai Jack they're very bad with that) and the brightest possible colors with silly contrast (like the 90s Disney movies, Aladdin's color makes me barf) and every pose being as stiff as a board (like Rick & Morty/Family Guy/Archer that kind of stuff)
  5. The name of it is Asphyxia??? I was using asphyxia without knowing it was called asphyxia???????????? A thread about the users's reactions to the addition of reactions
  6. Brasstracks show announced td for 3/16 only $15
  7. If my dad could go more than 48 hours without being complete garbage I would be soooooooooo happy
  8. Looney Tunesrewatch all the time, save episodes I haven't seen yet for when I'm completely smashed
  9. When you on the rail at virtual riot but your throat and lips are as dry as a methhead's skin and water is fucking free
  10. bound by restrictive underwear
  11. Well currently Malaa, Tchami, Habstrakt, Badjokes mostly. I'm seeing Tchami/Malaa 12/1 so hype
  12. Look at me I'm dabbing againputting the Dab back in DabDeity710, the 710 as well
  13. I think you're just upset over this "thanks" feature's lack of symphogear gifs
  14. I bet if JCVD didn't do coke he'd look 30 years old rn
  15. shredder because underwear's dumb
  16. Greetings from the USA where French music is fucking POPPIN'
  17. his butt cheeks declared
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