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  1. When I'm willing to bury everything over a sincere apology and you can't even do THAT considering the situation there is REALLY something wrong with you

    1. emjay911
    2. emjay911


      I just realised that you are Dabdeity ?!

    3. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      Yea I think Ryu was fucking with Syrous by changing his name so I thought why notxD

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  2. If anyone has legal advice or any advice at all and wants to help me in any way, I'm on discord hmu
  3. I can only imagine what they were like before. Cuz if this is how they are with ALL eyes on them considering the amount of unwarranted shootings committed by officers on duty and all the videos out there of police brutality, imagine how they were before that Sometimes I think the only major historical inaccuracy in LA Noire is that not enough of the cops in game are corrupt. I feel bad for the newbies, Ik I trashed those "good cops" who see corruption and do nothing but as a newbie I'd imagine it's very difficult to speak up. Especially turning that whole "manufactured brotherhood" I mentioned earlier against you, the same brotherhood you work with AND for. It's not just his partners it's his superiors. Hell my dad wouldn't even feed me if his boss told him not to, imagine the authority a PD boss has.
  4. I think this thread should be renamed "Minor rants inbetween Scyrous v0.9 bitching about EVERY FUCKING THING" Oh yea I'm still the Scyrous beta shit. I guess they fixed the non-stop bitching feature for the final product
  5. Did you know his department is the 3rd highest paid police department in the whole country (average salary of $111,000 a year)? Makes me wanna barf. Dude has the nerve to tell me my life is meaningless cuz I'm 20 and self employed despite the fact I'm working my ass off to get steady work (and you already know my dad didn't correct him, even joined him on this insult, he wouldn't have EVER said that if the cops weren't here) yet you make $111,000 a year to abuse the badge and villainaize innocent kids? Why do you carry yourself like you hate the world so much (and by the world I mean he really hates himself and just takes it out on the world) when you make 6 figures yearly to do a joke of a job?
  6. Imo there's no such thing as a "good cop" because these "good cops" see what the bad cops do and keep their mouth shut over some manufactured sense of "brotherhood." They treat this "brotherhood" like it's 10x as important as justice.
  7. @Pizza Cat so I bought a month of legal shield, how do I log in, I don't remember creating an account or filling out anything to the effect of a username and password while buying a month of their service, I kno you don't have to log in to use the service I paid for I could just call the firm they hooked me up with but I wanna see what logging in lets me do
  8. Literally my first thought, do they give anyone a badge these days? It's like the requirement for being a cop is hating yourself so much for not being able to do something better with your life that you decide to become a cop for the sake of getting back at the law through using the badge however you see fit. Anyone who says only 10% of cops or less are bad cops have never been accused of anything. I have, happens all the time since kids have no rights and what adults say is law. Let me tell you, 4 out of every 5 are total scum
  9. He's also supplied me with cough syrup at my request on a weekly basis for over a half year, however I was 19 at the time, you only need to be 18 to walk into a store and buy the shit, is that even illegal for him to do at that point? He can't say he had a cold I bought him cough medicine cuz I drank a bottle a week I bet this dumbass even bought them with his credit card so it's probably on his bank statements and what not. And while it's not illegal, it'll disgrace him as a father in the courtroom, good enuff for me considering he's already gonna be accused of rape.
  10. Tell that to the cop who said if I was his son he would gave me a black eye. But yea, shit situation, idk even kno how to go about getting lawyer
  11. https://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/new-yorks-statute-of-limitations-on-sexual-abuse.html In New York, the statute of limitations for any kind of sexual assault (1st or 2nd degree) or molestation is 5 years. However, for sexual crimes involving children, incest, or child pornography, New York uses the same "tolling" system for criminal cases as it does for civil suits, meaning that the 5 year SOL does not begin to run until the victim reaches the age of 18. That means I have till I'm 22-23 to file charges for 2nd sexual assault in 2nd degree, and this guy thought he could play the law and have me in the palm of his hands for the next 2 months over the corporal punishment law. Guess what asshole, your in the palm of my hand for the next 3 years
  12. Did you know this scumbag touched me inappropriately when I was 10 and somehow convinced me it was an accident when my mom threw a sexual assault case in his face? Why is he able to treat me as horribly as he sees fit and every authority figure in the country takes his fucking side? Why is the law a sword for the guilty and not a shield for the defenseless?
  13. Dad called the cops on me over a fist fight HE started, cops took his side SOLELY cuz he has a job and I don't, didn't even ask for my side of the story. Told me if I so much as hit him once or break something I'm being arrested and that HE HAS THE RIGHT to beat me bloody till I'm 21. Somebody PLEASE help me
  14. depends where and how badly, My phone had MAJOR cracks before this happen like theere was indent on the home button and all the black metal/plastic was ripped off
  15. Piece of shit starts a fist fight with me over me telling him to keep the front door unlocked and calls the cops on me, it's gonna be really funny when they take him away
  16. I'm actually at a point where I want my dad to die. I don't care how it affects my life I can't take this I'd rather die than live so much as another day under his fucking roof
  17. she strips and hoverboards
  18. Weird, literally got a new phone an hour ago cuz my cracked to hell phone finally broke beyond use. It was BAD, screen turned a feint transparent light blue (so like you could still the screen's display underneath, well 3/4 of it since the 1/4 of the screen on the right side went completely black making me unable to type or touch anything on that side). There was a solid plaid red line down the middle of the light blue and a strobing plaid green line side by side the all black area, my screen literlly looked like plaid boxers
  19. Stuffy nose, any suggestions? Don;t be like my doctors who deserve to be stripped of their licenses and say flonase

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    2. PM62


      I try to avoid prescribing decongestants for that reason. Stop using flonase in your left nostril (or in both) cold turkey and see if there is any improvement after a week or two. Use the other methods I listed for relief if needed. It's annoying at first but will help in the long run if it's RM.

    3. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      Yea well my 3 of my nose doctors jus stick the clips in my nose that open them up no more than 2 fingers can glance and inside and say "yea the left one has a deviated septum and the right one's closing up as a result it'll stop once you get the septum fixed." Then say "we don't accept your dad's insurance (cuz not a SINGLE ENT other than the ones that look like Dr Nick from the Simpsons take his and does my dad do anything about it? Not for 10 months no, he thinks he's such a BIG MAN cuz he just applied for new insurance for me, where was here before that when he sat on his ass and did NOTHING for 10 months???) Yea you're a great father that's why you work for a boss that doesn't give benefits and don't do anything about it including getting me insurance a REAL doctor takes. So the ENTs tell me to live with the septum deviation and refuse to give an actual diagnosis of the other nostril. Why do the job? I'm only paying you like $100+ for you to sit on your ass for 30 minutes just to say "there's nothing that can be done" when there's OBVIOUSLY something that can be done.

    4. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      S/o to Koby the mucinex syrup that has all the nasal/chest/cough crap but doesn't have tylenol in it is god tier

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  20. I guess when you're of his status people don't give a fuck what you get off to as long as it isn't children Like shit, people think my obsession with Asian girls is strange. REAL girls, what's so strange about that?
  21. Personally, threads I visit habitually are the first ones to come up in the search bar if I type so much as the first 2 letters of the thread
  22. But without limitations are we anything more than savages? You can't just flat out disregard the law of the land. Unless your me of course, I AM the law
  23. itunes-shuttle-a-1st-song-describes-your

    :haha::haha:this guy's results where fucking hysterical. Top tier wedding song:bad_smile:

  24. on CivRev I used to just knight rush the daylights out of everyone with the Arabs before they could even accomplish anything. Imagine Trump being chased across the White House lawn by armored Arabs on horseback his first day in office
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