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  1. Yo,


    Just sampling things here, anyone interested in learning about kfx/song-styling etc could you please answer a few questions, you can be someone who knows nothing of these topics or maybe you want help with more complex elements, whatever it is both sides of the spectrum would be really helpful. Any input is appreciated.


    What do you want to know or learn about these topics?

    Do you have an interest in general discussion and commentary on these topics (e.g posts about examples from popular groups/opinionated stuff)?

    How much do you know about the fansubbing process in general? (timing/TS, etc)

    In what ways would you like to learn about these topics, e.g. principle/concept or possibly by example? perhaps a combination of the two?

    Please send me a pm with a subject including kfx or something if you have the time to respond to any of the above. Thank you!